Who else finds King of the Hill hilarious while high?

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  1. I've noticed that when I watch koth while I'm high I find it hysterical. When I'm sober not as much. Idk why I guess its cause I find the insanely crazy redneck humor funny lol.

    I suggest to anybody who tokes to watch king of the hill at least once. its great :D:smoke:
  2. Haha dude I totally agree, I don't care for it at all when I'm sober, while under the influence though, that shit is the bomb!
  3. I know how i am going to spend my day now...
  4. I haven't seen it high but sober, I fuckz with it. 
  5. haha the episode where Hank sees Bobby playing GTA and he plays and kills someone and says to Bobby "Baaaaah! Where's the button to turn myself in?"
  6. i can't watch it sober but it's funny as fuck when i'm high 
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    Yeah this show is so good high, I'm on season 2 atm what a show.  How hilarious is everything Boomhauer says.
  8. mike judge is a creative genius. 
  9. I find it hilarious high or completely sober. Its just a good satire of life in texas: the voices, the characters.... hell everything.
    "Now just hold on one gawd dang minute...." :laughing:
  10. Hilarious? Hell no. Never. It's alright. I can only enjoy it while stoned though. Too boring to watch while I'm sober. 
  11. It has it's moments. I haven't watched it in years though.
  12. Underrated show for sure. Anything Mike Judge touches is gold. And that's a fact
  13. Pocket sand!
  14. I love the shit out of it sober. But I agree, there is something about it stoned. Hanks facial expressions just seem funnier..
  15. It's good show sober or high. But if you really wanna laugh your ass off while then watch The Ricky Gervais Show. Carl Pilkington is so fucking funny when you are high.
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    I kinda think the perspective that the humour is derived from goes over some people's heads and thus they only sorta get the surface humour. Maybe i'm overthinking it. 

    I too find it hilarious whilst high (also whilst sober, but of course when high funny shit is magnified...)
  17. This.  My friend doesn't think it's funny at all and I think it's for that exact reason.  
  18. I love it either way.
    But of course it's better when you're high! Haha
    I am in tears sometimes
  19. This is one of those cartoons where you have to be intelligent to see the hilarity.
      Alot of people that hate on it are morons that think the only humor in the show is hank going: "Bwwwaaaaaahhh!!"
     I know people that hate on it simply because it's about white people in texas, which is pathetic.
       Also:  "OMG IT'S SO JUICY!!"
  20. Yeah I didn't get it when I was younger but now I think it's one of the best cartoons of all time. I love that episode where Hank sends Bobby to Sunday school to deter his interest in magic and he ends up putting on a magic act as The Amazing Jesus, son of God and master of prestidigitation!

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