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Who else feels like they're high is more intense at night time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CSYZERO, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. #1 CSYZERO, Nov 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 15, 2011
    For some reason whenever I smoke at night I feel as if im higher then when I smoke in the daytime, does anyone feel the same???
  2. I think I made a post about this before, but I get the same feeling. I have to smoke really good during the day to get even close to the same high I get at night.

    It's so much of a difference that I've considered not smoking during the day anymore because the highs at night are so much better.
  3. Not really lol
  4. I know its weird haha
  5. The first smoke of the day is always the best, no matter what time of day

    for me anyways.
  6. Everything is just so much more chilled and relaxed at nightime. During the day I feel kind of rushed and pressured with my smoking because I know I've got to go to work and I've got things to do. During the night there's really not much to do but relax.

    Also, I think it's gotta do with your biorhythm. People are more open to different things different times of day.
  7. Great point!
  8. I'm opposite. Its way more relaxed... Probably because its the 3rd or 4th time I've smoked by then.
  9. I get way higher at night also. I've smoked with 420boxing, before. We're from the same hood. We usually toke at night.
  10. like 420boxing said. at night is when you can just chill and relax cause you know nothing is going on. i also think it may be the darker setting. ever been really high in a pitch black room? trippy shit. really high in the shining sun though, everything just seems nice and the rays are giving off energy so that could be another factor. there some placebo effect and other variables involved with this comparison i believe
  11. Personally i feel way higher during the daytime, But at night time when i'm just strolling the streets smoking a joint out of my mind i feel like i'm in a whole different city iv never been to its a great feeling.
  12. I feel its more intense because you're laying in your bed relaxed. Ever noticed that when your doing nothing at all, you feel so much higher than say if you were doing something physical? Dunno if you guys do but when im doing nothing, i feel so much more baked
  13. I would have to actually agree I feel as if I get higher at night time as well also in the winter mabye it has something to do with the cold?
  14. Well in winter if your blazing outside and your really cold, you wont feel that high but once you step inside youll feel super baked plus the feeling of warmth on your cold skin feels so nice to that just adds to your high making you feel higher. Just my 2 cents

  15. Studies show that less interaction with the outside world creates more stimulation in your mind. This is reason why your mind goes so much further while high, asleep or during meditation. Think the same thing can be said about night time. The outside world is a lot quieter, allowing your mind to work better.

    Also, cold air contains more oxygen per volume than warm air. Better circulation allows for weed to get through your system better. This is why I usually try to go outside after smoking or go on a walk before smoking.
  16. well for me during the day im not usually looking to get stoned, just a light high. but at night ill often be lookin to get baked. its just me and my closet, and i can surf gc and the internet all i want, smoke as much as i want, or whatever. me and my friends have a private joke, if someone asks how their eyes are looking, you just look and say "stop signs, man". well at night my eyes can actually get to stop sign level. no joke. my sesh's usually start 1030-11 when my parents go to bed and i try to be in bed by 1 so i get a decent amount of sleep, but on occasion ill be up til 2. the actual toking part isnt more than half an hour to an hour tops though.

    completely lost sight of the topic.... yes, i tend to deliberately get much higher at night. but a bowl in daylight vs a bowl at night? i think night is probly more trippy in a sense, you know when you hear all the crickets or w/e chirping and its pitch black and no one notices shit...
  17. Wow, I never thought of it like that!
  18. Maybe in the night, it takes more time to process certain things for your mind visually and what not, therefore its more mental maybe??
  19. im higher at night cause im more relaxed my then and i have all my shit done so i have nothing on my mind that im thinking abut or worrying abot anything
  20. I don't know for sure, but I do know that when the buzz starts to wear off you aren't left burnt out like during the day, because you can just go to sleep. I don't think we pick up on the drowsiness that comes when the high starts to fade as much since we're already tired.

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