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Who else does this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by P to the enguin, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Okay, when you pick up a decent bag of bud ( eighth or more )

    You carefully inspect the buds and make a mental note on the bud you wish to smoke on last.

    On top of that how many of you start from the bottom of the nug and work your way up to the top?

    Just me...?
  2. guilty on all accounts :smoke:
  3. haha yeah me and all my bro's do that too. It's just respecting the well-grown herb
  4. Funny I do both of those things, usually.:smoke:
  5. I use to do that with chips & french fries.....

    But I do it with weed too when I have some :) gotta save the best for last
  6. right on man, exactly how I do it
  7. I do all of those things. I pick out the nug i want to save for last. And i start from bottom and go up.
    I think its a OCD thing or something, whenever my GF breaks up nugs she just grabs one and starts breaking it up from wherever and i sometimes cringe at how violent she breaks the nugs up :/
  8. I do this sometimes
  9. glad to know im not some weird stoner....

    were all weird stoners! :p
  10. lol i always bag the best bud separately
  11. haha I always save the big nugs for last
  12. I just take my handy dandy scissors and cut up the buds to just the right size to appeal to me. I don't pick apart buds because I want to keep the trichomes off my fingers.
  13. Sometimes I do, right now I am on that last nug.
  14. Haha, that's me. Always pick the best nug for last so it has the longest to cure while I smoke the rest :smoke:.
  15. I do this all the time :D
  16. I do that, and I usually save the harriest, fuzziest nug for last.
  17. I do the exact same thing. And right now I'm on the last bud i planned on :smoke:
  18. haha i do kinda the sim.

    i get the DANKEST nug and put it away somewhere where i wouldn't feel like destroying such beauty

    and i ONLY rip from stem up haha

    edit: ^-- it keeps it looking real sexy for longer
  19. Never, I just grab nugs according to what size I need. And I inspect my bud like all hell but I never make notes on which nugs I'm gonna smoke when, I just... smoke them.
  20. I do this, and I smoke from smallest to largest.

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