Who else brushes their teeth in the shower?

Discussion in 'General' started by Agalloch, May 22, 2010.

  1. Anyone else save time by just brushing their teeth in the shower? It's so nice to be able to go crazy on your mouth with the toothbrush and not worry about toothpaste getting all over you or your clothes. :smoking:
  2. its the best way to brush your teeth EVER. sooo refreshing. i always ask people if they do this and they look at me like i'm crazy
  3. I have but I don't like it
  4. Yea I normalyy brush my teeth and then go in the shower. So by the time I'm out of the shower im clean inside and out :)
  5. I do just about everything i can in the shower.

  6. I suppose that works, but I prefer to do it while washing my hair. One hand working the lather, the other brushing my teeth. Feels more productive.
  7. I always thought it was weird to brush your teeth in the shower. Oddly enough, I do. lol. I was just thinkin about this like 3 days ago.

  8. I"m never in an immediate hurry where I need to save 3 mins.:smoke:

    Albeit there are consequences to my lifestyle. Your way is probably better for most people ;)
  9. no... warm water in my mouth makes me gag
  10. Never. The bristles don't soften up enough if I do it in the shower, and I have all kinds of screws and metal in my mouth, so tearing my gums open hurt!

    Plus, like Penelope, I can't stand warm water in my mouth. It's all about using hot water to soften the bristles, then turning that shit to cold so your toothpaste and toothbrush are cold.
  11. i do, its just easier, dont gotta worry about toothpaste gettin on shit. just wash it away.
  12. every morning. i love taking a swig of mouthwash and being able to just spit it all over myself with no consequences.
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    im big supporter of shaving in the shower though. shaving. THATS a times saver. shaving at the sink just makes a big mess when you try to rinse yourself off.

    but i prefer brushing my teeth at the sink. it gives me the freedom to switch between my electric and manual toothrbrushes, and though i do have a mirror in the shower, i much prefer my sink mirror bc the lighting is far better.

    i also take a really long time to shower as it is, with or without shaving i need at least 12-15 mnutes. so brushing my teeth in there would really just be wasting more water unnecessarily.
  14. Yeah like you said I can just go crazy on that shit and get toothpaste foam all over the place.


  15. just water..? :eek:
  16. i do it cause its just easier lol.
  17. i brush my teeth in the shower, piss in the shower, if it was possible id probably shit in their too


    but not really
  18. I don't brush my teeth.
  19. I must be a stoner deep down. Ive been doing this since I was a freshmen.lol

  20. i haven't not brushed my teeth in the shower since the first day i tried it.

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