Who else believes in God but not Religion?

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  1. Throughout life I've felt pressured to follow a religion in order to 'be with God', i am not a spiritual man, I am one of those who tend to side with Science than Religion. Personally, please don't hate me for this but I think Religion is one of the biggest cons known to man kind. However, I believe in God for hope, and to answer all of the questions that science cannot answer (why are we here... etc)

    Anyone else feel the same as me?
  2. Yeah i agree with you, up until this part.
  3. I started to think about this alot. I was never really into religion, but always in essence believed there to be this uncomprehendable force/being/subject/item that has something to do with everything we perceive and recognise around us. The whole belief system of many religions (not all) seemed pointless towards the bigger picture of a higher force. I just dont believe that some entity would want us to pray for forgiveness etc.

  4. i believe in a type of "god", and i believe in religion, or spirituality, but i condemn organized religion to the fullest extent. I'd explain what god means to me, but i already posted a 2.5 page thread on here about that
  5. Although I stand by the fact that I do not know whether or not there is a God, I have my own personal views of religious organizations.

    Religious groups are a product of humanity. Religious organizations are groups that have different ideas of what the after life is and maintain different purposes, which is exactly how you can separate them from God. If there is in fact a God (I'm not denying there is nor I'm denying there isn't, I don't know!) he did not manufacture any one religious group as the chosen religion, as most religious texts maintain that he has given us the gift of free thought. If he wanted us all to subscribe to his personal beliefs he would not have given us this gift.

    However if you believe in God but not religion the above paragraph is useless, as you see the Bible, Qu'ran and Tanakh as products of human minds, not divine deities.

    But, this remains my opinion and nothing more. I hope you can take something from what I have said and your spirituality remain strong on this crazy journey that is life.

    Good luck, friend.

    -Lonely Planet Boy

  6. These two vids Pretty much end these types of threads..

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNy6ziOyxoA]YouTube - George Carlin: Religion is Bullshit[/ame]
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