who drinks on X?

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  1. so im watching beerfest and i been thinking about my drinking.

    erowid and other informative sites say that drinking should be avoided on MDMA, simply because of overdoing it and because you can dehydrate yourself.

    well i always drink on X. like abnormal amounts. normally if drink more than like 6 or so beers without a tolerance i get "too drunk." yes im kind of a lightweight with alcohol, i usually dont like drinking more than a 40 ounce, and thats maybe once or twice a month.

    but whenever i take a x pill or 2 (or even 3), i can drink like a BEAST. like i was a bred german/irish drinking champion. i can drink like a 12 pack of budweiser and feel a strong buzz but i wont even feel sick. one night i drank 6 double shots of everclear and one of my friends matched me and he started blacking out and foaming at the mouth about 45 mins afterwards.

    i ended up having to go outside and talk to police because a fight happened at the party and i had to explain to em that we kicked those people out (the renter was in the backroom hiding all the pills). they told me to walk in there and tell everyone under 18 to leave asap or theyll get a warrant and bust the party. (like 15-20 girls left ROFL).

    does anyone have similar experiences with drinking and MDMA? does anyone else go into beastmode? i also smoke like a pack of menthols in the course of a hour.
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    hmm i always preferred not to drink on X but i do it sometimes.i don't notice anything different tho in my drinking tolerance.

    edit**Cigarettes tho that's a whole different think when I'm on Ecstasy ill go through like 2-3 packs in one night.
  3. yea i smoke cigs very rarely but on x im fiending for em so bad.
  4. My body can't handle drinking on x..

    even just 1 shot makes things get a little scary.
  5. I've never done anything like this...

    *pops a green glock with a double shot of bacardi 151*

    J/k lol.. In all seriousness I tried it once, and it definitely smoothed out the comedown
  6. i cant WAIT till i start doing drugs again! i been almost completely sober in the last 2 months. smoked maybe 1.5g's IF that in that timeframe. next party im going to, im popping some x and challenging everyone to a drink off. I CANT WAIT!
  7. Don't drink bro. Drugs are meant to be done by themselves, not mix'd. But if you want to mix, grab a psychedelic. Drinking wont make the high any better really, but what it will do it fuck with your body temperature even more.

    There's just no need...
  8. thanks for the advice, but ive been doing this for a while and dont have intentions to stop. i dont do this every day, so im going to live it up on the days that i do. and what is the point of doing a psychedelic at a party? i wanna fuck drunk bitches and get retarded, not "find myself." theres times for that, and a party is not that time.
  9. Definitely fair enough.
  10. thanks for givin a fuck tho :D
  11. lol that's is so fucking true

    psychedelics are my favorite drug but its not a party drug.i hate going to partys tripping out.
  12. me too. i'll go a week without smoking a cigg, then smash an entire pack (sometimes 2 if im at a friends house where i can smoke inside) in the course of a roll.
  13. i took some good ole arkansas green glocks last night. good times.
  14. chyea i remember drankin on somma good e

    it was similar to your experiences, the usual amount that got me drunk didnt really buzz me.

    thats funny about all the underage girls having to leave though haha ++
  15. Holy shit thats the funniest thing I've heard all day:hello:
    You sir just made my day +rep to you for wanting to be retarded and fuck drunk bitches.:D
  16. you can "find yourself" in a drunk bitch lololol idk why i said that. that amde no sense........ :eek:
  17. just gotta make sure you leave before you sober up, or you might end up like barry badrinath from beerfest with the fat black chick. "youre drunk, im drunk, were ALL DRUNK!"

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