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  1. I didn't want to call this the Dime Bag appreciation thread, for the mere fact that there's like 3,000 "Appreciation" threads. So here we go, everyone here knows good and well that they have bought their fair share of Dime Bags in their smoking carrier, some have probably been dirt and some have probably been outstanding. My point is the Dime Bag has got to be one of handiest forms of weed you can buy. Who doesn't love a Dime Bag?!
  2. ive bought a dime like 5-6 times in my life

    in times of need it gets the job done!
  3. Yea, he was pretty great!

  4. I got five on it, I can tell you that much about dimebags.
  5. When I'm in a rut, yes, I will buy a dime bag.

    But normally, I like to just buy in larger quantities, so as to be able to sate the pangs of sobriety whenever they arise, at any given time.
  6. I don't think I've bought a dime bag since 1993
  7. A dime wouldnt even last me one session.

    Convenient yes, practical no.
  8. heheheh OOooo i wish i had a dime bag right now,but need to save my money to get that ounce of cat piss for 80.
  9. Whats a dime bag?
  10. I get dime bags all the time. That's what I get for being broke...lol.
  11. 0,5 grams no?
  12. Lol really? Thats not much at all!
  13. I'm not sure, could be one gram too. :p

    $10 worth of weed if i remember it right
  14. I thought a 'dime bag' was $10 worth of weed.
  15. Man when i used to work at UPS i would go out to the parking lot after work and usually get a dub or a dime it was always in dime bags regardless. They were always fat i would get around 3-3.5 grams of some popcorn in each dime:smoking:
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    yeah a dime bag is just 10 bucks worth of weed,the amount all depens on what the quality,you get 2 grams of brick weed, 0.5 of kush,and 1 gram of chronic.:smoking:

    not all at once ofcourse. haha

  17. A gram.
  18. I see...
  19. I've bought a dime bag within the last 2 weeks..but it's always shwag. 2-3 blunts..doesn't seem that bad to me.

    But I smoke shwag so.. :smoking:

    I've only bought half G's off homeboys. No dealer I know will break a gram lol not worth walkin out the front door.
  20. Where im from its $10 worth of weed.

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