Who do you think will win this debate?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fatpat, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. goes to show how much the people on that forum know.
  2. I know, Only one reply that wasn't even correct, I think I got a good argument there, no one has been able to tell me otherwise why hemp should be ilegal besides protecting corporate interests so it really shows corruption in the government that other people can't see.
  3. damn that forum jumped all over the OPs balls
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    Your information is severely outdated. Currently hemp production is a $120 million dollar operation in the US. The DEA does issue permits for the industrial application of hemp however, the vast majority of the applications they receive are for tenuous business models at best. The fact is, the DEA gets inundated with tens of thousands hemp applications annually from the NORML type crowds.

    One example of a modern hemp producer is Living Harvest in Portland OR. They were founded in 2002 and provide a wide variety of hemp based products. If no permits have been issued since 1999, how are they in business?

    Hi, they are in business because there hemp is grown in Canada - FAQ | Living Harvest

    "Where is hemp grown?
    Hemp food products are, now more than ever, facing a growing demand by US consumers. After the Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1970, industrial hemp was unfortunately grouped with marijuana and deemed illegal to grow in the US. All hemp used in Tempt and Living Harvest products is currently grown in Canada. Learn more at votehemp.com or sign up on our Facebook page to get news about how you can get involved."

    I'm feeling pretty good about this little debate right about now :smoke:

    Edit - I'm the OP of that thread.
  5. Wow, these are some real knuckle draggers.

    You're just wasting your time on most of them, their forum looks like a place for them to go to communally stroke each other and brag about their guns.
  6. What Mirvs said man...

    Reading through the second page now, these people are CUNTS. Full-blown bigoted, smug, self-superior, ignorant bloated arseholes who deserve to be smacked in the fucking face for being so rude and disrespectful. The OP has shown nothing but respect and politeness, and in turn these pigs jump all over him... and these people are entrusted by society to be the 'good guys'. :mad:
  7. Jobs that give psychopaths power will attract said psychopaths. Hence the tragedy otherwise known as 'police'. It's sad because there's some truly good people who are cops, but they're overshadowed by the majority of cops who are power-hungry who feel the need to take out their frustrations by beating up on civilians because... they can.
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    Ouch burn? I tried posting something completely destroying the whole WN movement and it turns out before you're post shows up a mod has to allow it first. Talk about suppressing freedom of speech? I thought Nazis were all for that!
  9. Dude...

    I have no words for that fucking idiot.

    No words...

    I normally don't hate people just because of something they said on the internet, but that dumb fuck really has it coming.

    "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. - Ecclesiastes 10:2

    Terrorist Fun Fact: They like to blow themselves up, we like to blow them up. You'd think we'd get along better."

    What kind of fucking signature is that? And he goes on about how you don't dictate the terms of the argument? What the fuck. Asking to keep a thread on topic is pretty normal...

    I bet that Wisconsin fuck hates al kader, wants to deport the Mexicans, loves Bush as much as he loves Jesus, and wants to kill anyone with brown skin. What a fucking piece of shit. You gave him far too much respect in that thread if you ask me, fatpat. I despise with a passion people like that.

    I guess it is like a cop to emphasize how YOU DON'T DICTATE THE TERMS OF THE ARGUMENT! That is a pigs job after all.

  10. I know but I think they wanted to piss me off so they could delete my thread so I smoked a bowl, calmed down, stayed respectful and they have nothing to say. He won't respond to the points I've made disproving his, so I'm happy regardless.

    I don't even go to that site anymore, to many idiots with limitless arrogance.
  11. lol they deleted the thread once it moved down the page enough, closed minded fucks :smoke:
  12. Yea, big surprise. There are actually quite a few forums that like to censor anything that contradicts the majority opinion (or just that mods opinion).

  13. Yaa, I saved the thread a couple days back so its all good, their ignorance is on record :D
  14. Honestly, did you not expect that coming from a LEO forum? I guarantee you the only people who actually make it past their first thread are LEO, fans of law enforcement officers. Anybody that posts something that can troll that website that has any substance to their argument, knows the very minimal about how to debate, can back up their argument with facts, and can stand to hear all the bullshit opinions that they're going to hear are going to hear are pretty much guaranteed to get their thread deleted and banned.
    There are very few LEO that will actually listen to other peoples point of views, and peoples arguments on certain issues, and be able to make it in that career.

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