Who do you think the good guy in the civil war was?

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  1. i think the north was good because the south wanted slavery :)
  2. And facepalm, might want to delete this thread.
  3. History is written by the victors.. can't believe everything you read.. but if the north really fought for freed slaves than the north obviously... The history books also say shit didnt change until like 20 years later and even then they were still worse off..

    Would be a good way to find the ignorant idiots if it wasnt deleted lol
  4. Aw, c'mon....every knows the North cheated.....lol.....j/k
  5. America won the civil war.
  6. They were all demons.
  7. didnt we just have this conversation last week???

    Besides, there is no "good guy" ever.
  8. Barack Obama
  9. I think your understanding of the causes of the Civil War and the political dynamics leading up to and throughout the war is lacking.
  10. Hey OP! In case you haven't learned it yet, Christopher Columbus discovered America!

  11. I've done more research than you probably :)
    hehe but thanks guys I think the south was good because they wanted to get away from an oppressive government because the founding fathers knew the federal government would become what it is today.
  12. My personal library contains two bookshelves dedicated entirely to books on the topic (all of which I've read-many several times) and I've visited no fewer than eight Civil War battlefields from Gettysburg to Shiloh, so no, I doubt you have.

  13. You would make a good politician.
  14. Why does it matter now?
  15. General Lee/South. They were just doing what the North had been doing forever as well, they were just butthurt because they had a lot more into it.

    Think about it like this, the north and the south were growing and selling weed, the south had a lot more room for weed and therefore grew a lot more, the north decided that it was wrong and it would barely affect them if they made it illegal because they didn't have much into it, so they made it illegal..

    The south then would be pissed cause that was how they were keeping afloat and suddenly it just became illegally so they fought for it. And now, they are looked at as the bad guys.


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  18. I like just made a thread similar to this a week ago. and the north wanted slaves just as much as the south. Read some history books
  19. I'd say the "good guys" were the common soldiers, on both sides. The men, and some women... who were dragged away from their normal lives to go and die in horrible ways because more powerful men told them to. Do you think a dying northern soldier thought about how great his sacrifice was for the cause of the Union? Do you think a dying confederate soldier thought about how great it was that his death was helping the confederate cause? No... most likely they just died in agony, and alone, thinking of their loved ones.
    Most confederate soldiers were poor, and non slave owners. Forced in some cases and persuaded in others to go and die for rich slave owners under the guise of defending "southern honor"

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