Who do you think the dumbest athlete in America is?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by StringerBell, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I would have to give my vote to Floyd Mayweather.

    Floyd Mayweather: Race a factor in how he's viewed - ESPN

    Every quote in there contradicts himself... Also if you have ever seen his episode on MTV Cribs, he has made some terrible investments..

    There were rumors before the draft that Michael Oher (1st round draft pick in NFL) can't read..

    So who do you guys think?


    unrelated but I will be watching the fight this weekend and im rooting for Mayweather!
  2. Have you ever heard this man open his mouth?

  3. nah i never heard him talk about anything really... I saw him on all the talk shows, shaq vs, and prolly any other show he's been on...

    its the same thing every time.

    the host talks about all his accomplishments and michael just puts his head down and says thanks i appreciate it...

    i get he's really humble, but say something michael!
  4. I'm saying Michael Crabtree, mostly because I hate this fucking prick.

    Holding out for more money and threatening to sit out the whole season when you haven't proved anything? Fuck him, I hope he sits out and ruins his career. Enjoy flipping burgers dumbass.
  5. ^Agreed haze that guys a moron. Typical young star being talked up by his agent. Guarantee he's itching to play but some moron in his camp is telling him to wait for money. Its a well known fact in the nfl that you play hard as a rookie and the money will come. Look at AP that guy is gonna sign a massive, record breaking contract.

    Anyways my vote is a tie for TO and Ochocinco. Two of the most talented wide recievers in the game but just absolute morons. The decisions they make are just incredibly moronic. Just play the fucking game (which you get paid millions to do) and quit talking, cause no one wants to hear what you have to say.

    Honorable mention:
    Plaxico Burress (ruined his career trying to be a tough guy)
    Serena Williams (threatening the line judge? Come on. Fucking spoiled little entitled bitch)
  6. Hard to choose just one, but I'd pick Plaxico Burress.

    Dumbass shoots himself in the leg, and is going to prison for 2 years for it now. Cheddar Bob anyone ?

    I think TO and Ocho Cinco are actually smart. Their self promoting may be bad for the team they're on, but in a business aspect it's smart. Any publicity is good publicity. TO is easily one of the most recognized players in the NFL.
  7. ricky davis of the NBA is up there
  8. Leodis McKelvin.

    This week at least.
  9. Pacman Jones
    aka Adam Jones is a complete dumbass.
    he gets reinstated to the league then screws up again.

  10. I love Crabtree as a player, but youre right, hes fucking stupid. The whole reason he wont sign is because he feels like he should be paid like he was first pick in the draft.

    Thing is, it's not the 49er's fault that those idiots across the bridge decided to draft an honorable mention all-acc player. You werent picked first, get over it. Accept getting paid like the 2nd receiver in the draft!

    The thing that makes him supid is that he might SIT OUT THIS SEASON and re enter the draft NEXT YEAR. Going from a first round pick to the mid-third round pick? Have fun with that
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMxJzdVYtXY]YouTube - Jason Spezza's Nerdy Laugh[/ame]


  12. If he stays in football shape this year and really stays out the whole year I don't think he'll slip that far.. Imagine if he does slip to bottom of the first round and the patriot pick him up...

    Crabtree and Moss on the splits and Welker in the slot... that'd be amazing..

    granted the Pat's D is majorly fucked up, but still.
  13. Jabar Gaffney. If anyone has ever heard this guy talk, he sounds like an absolute retard.
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    yeah that wont happen though. No one's gonna wanna draft a prima donna that early...especially after sitting out.

    Bottom line is he wont get MORE money for doing it, and thats why hes stupid.

    Edit: and the pats wont draft a WR in the first round for at least 3 to 4 more years anyways.
  15. i just knew i was gonna see floyd mayweathers name in this thread. and its in the first post!

    have you heard floyd mayweather sr talk? sounds like a straight up crack head

    and i cant say who ill be rooting for i want to see mayweather pacquiao but i also want to see marquez win
  16. Delonte West. With a shotgun in a guitar case on his back and two pistols, he then decides to speed around town on his 3-wheeled motorcycle.
    Hey, Delonte! Plaxico can't meet ya at the club, man...he's in jail and shit! Maybe he can save ya a bunk!:laughing:
  17. hahaha @ mayweather.. he makes me laugh my ass off.. I cant hate the dude

    Mayweather vs Kenny on youtube is HALARIOUS... he dodges questions all the time and he's so conceited I cant help but laugh, just remember.. he aint lost yet!!! I think he beats paq if they ever fight. dude gets money, they call him money mayweather for a reason!

    I would say plaxico is the dumbest.. I feel bad for his family, such a dumb reason to be in jail for 2 years... HOWS THAT LEG BUDDY?
  18. Mike Tyson

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwFW834Mrcc"]YouTube - funniest mike tyson moments[/ame]
  19. yeah it has to be Mike Tyson,he getts hit in the head all day along,im sure that's not good for your brain:smoking:

  20. ^this^

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