Who do you take your cues from?

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  1. The way you act in relationships, both with friends and lovers

    (or, at least, the way you'd like to act);

    is that inspired by someone? Did you experience someone treating you as a friend/lover/family member and think, 'that's some good shit, that's how I'd like to be'? If so, who?

    Shoutout to my cousin
  2. My father in law treats my wife's Mom with the kind of patience and love that my wife deserves (mom and daughter being similar in ways). He's a piece of shit in many other respects, including a compulsive liar and alcoholic, but I respect that one aspect of him.

    I have a hard time compartmentalizing my disdain from my appreciation of my wife.
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  3. When I was younger, I really hated religion, especially my own.

    I reverted but it was only after I took religious classes with a very intelligent teacher. Almost everyone preaching religion is BS, but this guy was different. I actually hated it at first.

    He really inspired me to be a better person, a more critical thinker, and to put my heart into everything I did. It seems sooo ironic to learn that from someone who had a religious agenda, but he was honestly the kindest person I ever met. He really shook the foundations of my principles and challenged me to think beyond.

    He was the kind of person to show compassion before judgment. And that's the one thing I carry with me today.

    Despite peoples' religious, economic, ethnic, and social differences - we really are one people. So many forces in the world are trying to get people to turn against each other, to hate, and to divide ourselves. The goal is to find the humanity in the people who are the most lost, the most evil, and who hate you. No one was born evil, we have to remember that.

    I think that's why I am still optimistic despite a lot of the hate and negativity in the world. A little love from everyone can go a very long way.
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  4. I just look back on my step dad and mom's relationship and do the oppisite.

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  5. No role models. Why my Facebook status has been single since I created it in 2008.
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  6. I don't ever wanna fall in love, even the thought of doing so makes me cringe.. so I follow the teachings of my fellow playaz in the world of hip hop.

    Money over Bitches.

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  7. Yeah, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy me a boat, trailer, and a truck to pull the trailer. From a country song I listen to- "always be humble and kind". I've just picked up stuff here and there from people I like and admire. By the time you're my age there have been a lot of different influences in your life. I would like to be "humble and kind" because I figure that covers about everything that's important to me in how I treat others.
  8. Inspired by myself. I don't have much interest in what other people are doing most of the time so I just do what logically makes sense to me, I guess you could say inspired by the way I was raised.
  9. intuition

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