Who do you take your cues from?

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  1. Most of us have the viewpoints from someone else who put our thoughts in a way better than we could ourselves

    Who do you look up to? When it comes to your political opinion, why do you think as you think? Is it your dad? Is it some long-lost Roman emperor? Is it a recent American President? Which combination of thinkers made you who you are?

    Very curious
  2. Good question, VT. You've made points that have shadowed my opinions, like your ideas on free university education being beneficial to society. My Social Security statement clearly shows my annual tax bill more than tripled after I graduated and without the Army paying for my education (GI Bill) I wouldn't have been able graduate. Edward Abbey's (my avi) writings gave me my anarchistic leanings and working for a living influenced my financially conservative opinions along with seeing my lesser motivated but physically able relatives sucking the public tit. There's been a long list of libertarian talk show hosts that have said stuff that resonated with me. For a few years there it seemed every person on the radio expressing opinions I agreed with turned out to be Libertarian. There have been a lot more influences of course but I can't point to anything else specific right now.
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  3. no one. used to be ron paul when he was still in the game.

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    Not all politics but B.F. Skinner, Jung, John B. Watson, Andrew Jackson, Nixon, Samuel Adams, Nicolai Tesla, Hitler, Tocqueville, Goebbels, Albert Schweitzer, Patton, Erwin Rommel, Charles Darwin, Poe, Mark Twain, Kissinger, Lovecraft, Alexandre Dumas, , Nietzsche, Diogenes, Descartes, John Locke, Francis Bacon, Machiavelli, Galileo, Michelangelo, Alhazen.
  5. I don't listen to a specific person. I try and keep my eyes and ears open and a open mind. Instead of forcing my beliefs I try and learn and grow from everyone's views.
    My dad played an important role. But like ed said its all in ones experiences. I like listening to rush. Michael berry is all right to. I enjoyed.Glen becks tv show more then his radio. Hannity is annoying lol. I wish I could find other radio host I can listen to
    I drive allover sometimes...
  6. Bobby Seale, Hassan Nasrallah, Che Guevara, Bobby Sands, James Connolly, Arafat, Tolstoy, Marx, Nelson Mandela, Chomsky.

    Orange is the new Black
    Vote Trump
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  7. My belief that humans are free/sovereign beings guides my views.
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  8. Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Alex Jones
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  9. Carlin, Socrates, Zinn, classic rock music (CSNY - Ohio, for example), Huxley, Orwell, Chomsky
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  10. How do you like all those guys and still support Bernie? That's nuts.
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  11. Can you expand on that?
  12. Orwell, chomsky and Socrates were no fans of the state and im sure not socialism. That's like saying I look up to Ron Paul but I'm voting for Hillary because I like her policies
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  13. Could you source these claims?
  14. Sure, just read their books, is all right there. And chomsky is an anarchist so there's that too.
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    I have, that's why I got inquisitive

    I've read one Chomsky book (Manufacturing Consent), several Orwell books (including his collection of essays All Art is Propaganda) and I haven't found much evidence of them being against the idea of a state.

    They're very against certain types of states, but not blankly against statehood, I didn't find that :< So, could you source your claims? Which works did you take the notion from?

    (Edit: On Socrates;
    If I'm not wrong, Plato is sourcing Socrates when he talks about the 'Philosopher King' utopian state in Kalliopes or w/e it is, I'm pretty shaky on that tho so I should look into it, but thats a state ruled by a few)

    I would like to make it very clear that I haven't read all their works,
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  16. Ludwig von mises, Murray Rothbard.

    no im not drunk!
  17. Never heard, will have to look up, Could you give a short explanation of their ideas?
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  18. Lol ano-cap
    You won't find anybody with more writings on phylosophy than these men. Especially Rothbard. They along with mengar are the father's of Austrian Economics

    no im not drunk!
  19. Look up "acting man" by mises and "for a new liberty" by Rothbard.
    Must reads in anyone who wants to study up on phylosophy

    no im not drunk!
  20. Could you give a couple of lines about each piece? I'm asking in part because I want to see how you've digested it

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