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Who do you most like to smoke with?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sir Smokesalot, Apr 2, 2002.


Who would you most ike to smoke with?

  1. Close Friends

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  2. New People

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  3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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  4. Alone

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  1. I loved to smoke with my boyfriend when we were together. We would get along so well, better even. I also like to smoke with my friends. What do you think is better?
  2. I agree with you here :) I love smoking w/ my boyfriend. We live together, and spend so much time together as it is that nobody knows our weird stoner pet peeves like ourselves!
    For instance, who the hell has the nerve to spark a bong or a bowl and not leave any green left for others? We have this way of smoking "corners" of bowls so there's still at least half if not more of a green hit for the next toker. Not many of our friends use this method, are we the only one??

    I love my friends, I Love to meet new people, but there is nothing better than sitting down & getting cumfy with our stash and smoking bowls together, watching movies, or cleanin' house, or etc. We don't have to play "host" or act nice like guests, we just get to hang all out and relax.

    Plus it keeps us very close, which I love. We talk about everything and know everything about each other, all the quirks 'n all :)

  3. i have more fun smoking with people i've know 2 friends who i've know since i was in third grade (100 years or so ago...) i smoke with, and have the best friends from 6th grade i have a blast friends from last year, i still have fun with...but summin about the older friends (which are ironicly younger)'s inexplicable....just more blondes i guess....which one of them is....
  4. Well...I'll bite.

    My long life friend ,and companion.....My Wife.

  5. i love smoking with my family. But i mostly like smoking with my dad. whenever i smoke i try to have my dad there. there isn't too many people outside my family i smoke with. but nobody around here can get better buds than my family so i wouldn't want to smoke with anyone else.
  6. new people is always fun....but...i love smoking with my gf.
  7. I probably most enjoy smoking with my GF. I can be most laid back with her. And like Ganjaphish said i dont have to play host. Sometimes it is nice to smoke with your friends as well, or those 'new' people. =)

  8. PoohGator is, and always be my bestest Token' Buddy!!!! :smoking:
  9. Well I only ever smoke with one friend cos he get's the weed and it's at his house. But I think I'd like to smoke alone a little more. I mean, don't get me wrong I love smoking with my buddy but I'm a selfish kinda guy and I'd love to just have something in my hand that i can toke on at my leisure without having to pass or wait. I'm sure the novelty would ware off tho... I'd also love to smoke alone so that i could do shit you can't do with a friend for purposes of boring them to death (ie reading or just lying on the floor in complete scilence).
  10. i voted for close friends but all of the above really even new people but sometimes new people make me nervous when there's other shit around than just weed but if there's only weed there and they're tokin too then hell yeah i love to meet new people and i love to smoke w/ my close friends, girlfriend and x-girlfriends and by myself too

    Just my 2 grams er cents
  11. Lately I've only smoked w/my hubby b/c he's the only one I know in town who smokes. But I would love to hook up with some smoking buddies.
  12. friends tend to bring more laughs to the high which is always nice

    As far as leaving some green for other people we usually just alternate green hit...i dont usually smoke with more than one other person

  13. i like smoking w/ my frineds. i don't really have time for significant others with school and all, but my friends keep me company. They are great. Its cool smoking w/ a bf/gf too. But, either way-as long as you enjoy the company ur with, then thats all that matters.
  14. i do enjoy smoking with my closest friends but i REALLY like introducing newbies to the great world or when i smoked out my lil bro for his first time!!

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  15. I don't mind who i smoke it with , but i love to go for a walk stoned its funny as f*ck.

  16. My friend and I just took his dog for a walk, he's got a black lab named Buddha.
    but anyways there was these grandparents up there, and they were with thier three grandkids, and they got kind of spooked I think.
  17. I honestly gotta say i love smoking alone. The shit i think of in my head when i'm sitting around is just nuts.

    BTW yummy pic that your stash???
  18. I gotta say friends here. They're the most chillin ppl to smoke with because you know em so well and you can just be yourself around em. No worries about anythin. And we all get along so well. I also enjoy toking alone when i have nothing to do, that's always fun.

  19. I say close friends because they can make you laugh a lot more than you can make yourself laugh. But really most of my close friends aren't nearly as big of a pot head as I am, so sometimes it is really enjoyable to smoke by myself and just think about shit.

    I used to really enjoy smoking with my boyfriend but then he didn't want to smoke anymore and he didn't really wnat me smoking either, so we ended up breaking up. (Not just because of the weed thing, it was really cause I tripped on mushrooms and thought that I realized I didn't want to be with him anymore, but now I regret breaking up with him.)

    New people are cool to smoke with if they enjoy themselves, but if they aren't having a good time, it is hard to ignore them and have a good time on your own.
  20. I usually smoke with 1 or 2 of my best mates but also like to smoke at home with the G/F she doesnt smoke weed much but it cool to have it to yourself once in a while! I love smoking alone too especially when watching a movie or even in the bath! (cant share it there!) I am always a little cautious when smoking around new people and that makes it hard to relax, but if they are getting high too and enjoying themselves then thats ok too!

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