Who do you look up to at the city?

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, May 16, 2006.

  1. Everyone has thair own role models they look up to for advice or just because they like them. Since the city is like a community, who here has role models on the city, and who?

    I know I always looks forward to seeing responses from Feanor and Rasta Man because they're usually filled with useful information and they seem like chill people.

  2. Guy from the 70's was pretty fucking cool
  3. probably rasta_man and thisisnotreal
  4. Bobbert, the fat cat of glass and rasta_man, always has great posts
  5. there is a lot of people, but one that always stands out is Rasta Man.
  6. Phishgroovin, Hoast, Meatwad, and Rasta_Man.
  7. rasta, bob, and indy
  8. Feanor, bobbert, theres probally a few more who's post I enjoy reading but can't think to high :smoking:
  9. I don't think anyone here really knows me much but I'd have to say people who I look up to... bobbert and rasta
  10. Tokin Blue, of course.
  11. :eek: thanks Pink

    i have quite a few i look up to, but i do not want to name names, you guys(and gals) know who you are ;)
  12. Hahaha i really appricate the mentions. Good to know my knowledge can be helping out.

    I got 2 grams of afghani hash and been blazed since work let out. :smoke:
    (from morocco, so it's real good quality)

    I'd definatley put a shout-out for "guy from the 70s". That guy has some serious knowledge. Where he at?

    I would've voted for DBW, but she's a girl.
  13. Rastaman, Ars Moriendi, Token2004, DBW, thisisnotreal, Tokinblue, Bobbert...
  14. while i don't really look up to anyone per se. i would say that that i enjoy what rasta and lebowski have to say.

  15. :D :wave:
  16. It's hard to have internet role models because actions speak louder than words, but feanor, TokinBlue, DBW, Nushaganazad almost always seem to have something positive to say...and a lot of other people too obviously, they just post a lot...
  17. haha well thank you chronictoker,

    But im always lookin for Rasta Man, and Diamond rastas posts. Also feanor is great with words.
  18. Hoast always provides a "sad but true" laugh.
    Really respect Feanor's point of views on some topics.

    Other than that, anyone who doesn't start unnecessary commotion is cool in my book.
  19. i forgot something.

    Negligent is my BIGGEST role model here, i respect him alot
  20. HerbsInTheBurbs and ThisIsNotReal. shout out to u guys lol

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