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Who do you look like?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justme, May 10, 2002.

  1. Hmmmm...remember these types of posts? I think it was something I remember from back in my days at YaHooka.[​IMG]
    So, who do you look like? Someone famous helps us know what you look like, especially if you're afraid to post a pic of yourself.
    Someone said I look like an earthy Peg Bundy recently. I don't know if that's good or bad?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I guess I'm a cross between Danny Davito and Mel Gibson, with LONG hair(even on top!!!lol),Cause I feel short and fat, but PoohGator thinks I'm sexy!!!ROTFLMAO!!!

    justme, Peg can be real sexy, until she opens her mouth!!!
    NO comparison to you though Lady, as we all love to hear from you!!! :D: :smoking:
  3. With my honky afro, I'm now a cross between Mac Davis and Luke Ridnour, (basketball player from Oregon U.)

    Cowboy, you are the Silent Bob look-a-like!
  4. With much longer hair!! Lmao! And I can testify that you do sorta resemble Mac Davis, but do you have his genius at writing "instant" songs? Nooooooooo BPP, not THAT kinda song!!! Lmao :D: :smoking: PoohGator say's you're a Lil' thinner in the face, and better lookin' than Mack though! lol :smoking:
  5. every girl i know says i look like slim shady
  6. kevin bacon is what i have been told except i have a moustache, but since i am older than him he must look like me right?
  7. Like Chachi (sp?) from happy days- after rehab.
  8. Most people say i look like Hank Williams Jr. When i have my black cowboy hat and denim shirt with my sun glasses.

    Damn I look goooooooood when dressed up! I just don't dress up very often..
  9. I look like kind of a teenage cross between Scully from X-files and the bitch cop from hannible ;)

    Sorry, i'm pretty cheeched and I can't remember their names

  10. Awwwwww thanks cowboy...


  11. I bet you do BH...I can only imagine.


  12. An earthy Peg Bundy...earthy women sense the world around them. They rarely need to bother talkng incessantly about it. LOL.


  13. Tell Pooh I said Thanks for the compliment!

    I had Mac's amazing talent with the women at one time but lost it after i got married.
  14. I'm sure your "talent" is not lost, just wisely in deep seclusion!! LOL :D:

  15. Was this after you got busted for masterbating in a public restroom? LOL
  16. hello everyone i thought this was funny , this is one of the best threads yet tehee tehee!!!! i have been told i am a cross between ruth buzzy and holly hunter , can you dig it ? lol have a great day everyone

  17. Who does Smokie look like? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. High BPP!! PoohGator changed her mind (ever hear of that before?? LOL) she decided you look like Buddy Holly, with the beginnings of a Fro!!! :D: :smoking:

  19. I can see that with me wearing my black rim glasses. But I only wear those at night when i know a hard night of red eyes awaits me!! aka too stoned to take my contacts out.
  20. me thinks smokie is a cross between leam neeson and billy bob thorton w maybe a slpah of paul hogan , but ill let him tell you who he thinks he looks like , this outta be good , !!!! have a good one every body.

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