Who do you look like?

Discussion in 'General' started by stew12, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. i remind myself of a sexy beast.
  2. Well, until today I cant remember anyone telling me i look like anyone besides my brother, but today i was told i look like matt damon... MATT DAMON (as said in Team America)
  3. When I was little people said that I looked like the little girl that turned into a blueberry in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I've also been told I look like the girl from Casper.. who knows.


    If you upload your pic here, they'll tell you who you look like :p
  4. i uploaded my picture onto that site, and all it said was "we are so sorry". what do you think they mean???
  5. two people have told me i look like donny darko when i wear my hood

  6. I have no idea, but apparently I still look like Christina Ricci apparently lol Maybe you have to sign up first? I did
  7. a few chicks told me i look like lil rob ..except im a foot taller than that midget..most of you don't know who he is but thats what they tell me.
  8. People often say I look like Mac daddy PIMP. :D:smoking:
  9. A couple people I know think i look like Johnny Knoxville. I've been told I look like Ashton Kutcher before :)mad:).

    And some chick i met at the coffee shop thought I looked like Tom from Myspace >.>
  10. Some people say I look like Hugh Grant, which is wierd because my first name IS Grant.

    You be the judge:

    Yeah, my face is always like that... or not. Jk, it's hard to tell with the facial expression and beanie, but i'm always wearing the beanie.
  11. JollyRanger's links said I look like Luke Skywalker!! The Force is with me. :D


    LOL and it also said I look like P. Diddy... haha it's stretchin it a little bit but entertaining, none the less.
  12. John Lennon apparently.
  13. 3 people told me I looked like johnny depp.

    Edit - Just remembered, also been told I look like judd nelson.
  14. According to myheritage, I look like Clara Bow.

    But then again, my third result was Hugh Jackman... :p
  15. This series of PMs happened a while ago after some dude posted in my thread and implied that he knew who I was, but I didn't recognize anything about him. Here's our PMs back and forth:

    It ain't someone famous....hell, it ain't even someone I KNOW, but that's what happened haha.
  16. ^ Weird.

    People said I looked like good ol' Donnie. When my hair was short, lots of people said I looked just like Ed Norton. Cool I guess, he's a pretty good actor.

    Edit: Also forgot Johnny Knoxville, for serious a few of my pals wouldn't stop calling me Johnny, I got so pissed.
  17. I tried a bunch of pictures and got Dougie Poynter a couple of times.

    I had to Wiki him to figure out who he was. I guess he's in a British band.
  18. I've been compared to Andre the Giant and Highlander

  19. ive heard vin diesel a few times and then also some other guy but i forget who it was.

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