Who designs our toking tools?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by stringer40, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Just wondering. Because most of it looks gay as hell. Is it even possible to buy a pipe that doesn't look like it was wrapped in a rainbow and pulled out of willy wonka's ass :confused:

  2. you mean you think one person designs all toking paraphernalia? lol.
    I mean he comes from Candy Land. Where all shit looks like it was pulled out of willy wonka's ass. His name is Overlord Bongoramatamia. im going to pass out now
  3. First off... OP---- Your going down the lane of EPIC F**** FAIL! now that I said that, quick little tip. READ! look around... all the possible glass that is used to smoke out of (or potentially smoke out of) is not made for m1 person. or even 10 people. Its made by hundreds if not thousands of people around the world and shit just so you can enjoy something that much better.

    quick little list of people who make really cool looking pieces---- that isn't from willy wonka's ass:

    SG, toro, SGW, illadelph, phx, zob, zong, salt, lear, trikky, voorhees, snic, slinger, pakoh, cripskillz, royal, banjo, jop, ghost, syn, e. ross, weirdeer, zach p., robin hood, freek, luke wilson, alex k., el hefe, vertigo glass, VIP glass, HOPS, hvy, 2010bc, and many others.

    Class dismissed!

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