Who created GOD?

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  1. Ok, just curious about the word GOD. i'm sure if there was a GOD, GOD does not speak our language and didn't apooint himself as "god". So where did this word come from? When was GOD ever a word?
  2. It's a made up word like any of these others we use man. An all-knowing God would be able to speak any language. God created the word God, through the evolution of man in my opinion.

    It's a mouth sound that regardless of what vibrations you use to express it means the same thing.

    It's just a lable we put on something that didn't have one; so we could associate it with something.

    Could call it eep op ork ahah, number 27, the shizzles, tenchusentou, anything that makes a sound we can recreate easily with our mouth.

    So we came up with God, Allah, Jehova, Jesus, Odin, Zeus... It's not different than if we would have called them flim flam jahoseafet.

    God very well could have appointed Himself as these things, these words- all He would have to do is come to earth as man and call Himself that. It's not very hard when you can be both the observation AND the observer at the same time...

    All-power exhibts some extremely odd behavior that doesn't make much logical or rational sense, but God could very easily be the source of God. All-power would allow for this, infinity knows no boundaries.
  3. Considering God is a figment of man's imagination, I'm gonna go with...

    we created God.
  4. It's concept that was introduced to explain the natural. We have since developed the scientific method which has given us real answers to thsoe questions. Therefore, we should drop the god shit and be real. Our ignorant (literally) ancestors created the word and all concepts dealing with him.
  5. no clue here how the word God was formed, but i agree with mrgoodstuff.

    and if anyones a fan of "The Office"... in the words of Michael Scott "who knows how words are formed?" hope i didnt schrute it up
  6. i like yahweh myself, more properly translated as YHWH, made famous by the first testament.

    you get to insert your own consonant sounds! yahweh is common, but it could also bee yahooowahooo.
  7. Unfortunately God will exist, in whatever remains a mystery.... and when that is proven.... true believers will just shift the goal posts and move onto the next mystery, with no regard to revising their previous beliefs.

    'Tis the way of "faith"
  8. I'm just talking about the word "GOD", what language does it come from? Was it created 2007 years ago?
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  10. Who created god?

  11. Did you all not know, God is simply a man who got bored one day and made the Universe after he found out there were actually 10th level spells.
  12. our undereducated ancestors who didn't understand their world.....

    ultimalely....the big bang created god
  13. Man created god in their own image. Which is why god created man in his image.

    Those who can add know what came first...
  14. We created God, the human brain in all it's glory created a duel image to strive for.

    god is merely a trick performed by our sub-consciousness . to be a god - that is the prime goal of mankind, our final destination- his ultimate power as described is the sum of our potential and our instincts.

    Once we get a good handle on chance, we will no longer need the traditional myths about god and gods,

    Our conciousness will slowly take over as we evolve towards our goal. We won't need a commitional belief in a greater being, our growing capabilities will fill the evolutionary gap and thereafter its all about Imagination and creativity...

    But fuck it man! been a bit too serious lately, need a fucking tic and a vacation man! wtf:smoke:
  15. I would love to refer you to the words of a great author. Douglas Adams in fact (he's quoted in my sig lol) made a very good point about the origin of god in our society. Give it a chance and check out the link I'm gonna post. Its a youtube video, but its simply him talking and making a damn good arguement.

  16. God was created by pre-historic potheads. Duh!
  17. I don't think people are reading the thread or I typed it wrong. I'm not talking about GOD itself, just the WORD "GOD". Thanks rasta for that link to wiki. So GOD is a sound to represent the being, just spelled differently in every language.
  18. "infinite regress lurking here" - Carl Sagan

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