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Discussion in 'General' started by houstonstonie, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. listen yes i want to steal a light....i dont care cuz i rather fail tring to get a light i cant afford then surrender to the govertment for a plant i didnt put a light on.....anyways isnt growing a plant illegal???isnt that what we all try to do on here.....make our little homemade magic??? im gonna try to swipe the light from somewhere soon if not pull up my beautiful beautiful baby....by the way...anybody want to show me how to cut the wires and actually take an hps light off??
  2. You sound young,

    Better to get a job for what you want,makes growing that muck better,pluss you dont get caught trying to get a light
  3. I believe they said it well!!!!^^^
  4. do not steal the light!!!!!!!
    back space........
    balh,bah youd get caught
    blah,blah its not the same thing
    blah,blah dont steal the light
    backspace,backspace, backspace....
    save yer money dude an wait...
    forgive me im really high an have a terrible headcold.soooo an im sure ya dont want to hear ALL my ramblins
  5. okay thanx for the advice and not stealin it i went ahead and swiped one yesterday after a couple of tries....i went ahead and pulled some out and proceeded to short the wire but got a 400 watt one yesterday and its great....and free so im gonna use that money instead on a in between harvest big ole sac...

  6. must be a pretty big sac to last ya a few months....:)

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