Who cares that there are 47576987 of the same kind of threads?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ironhead, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. :eek::eek:Why do some folks on here get so bent out of shape when someone starts their own thread like "share your first stoned experience" or "show pics of your stoned animals" or whatever? What difference does it make that there are so many of the same threads based on the same subject, but started by different members? Why can't others start threads instead of adding on the back of a thread thats a thousand pages long without hearing shit from all the "thread police" on here. Seems dumb to me.....

    I'm all for anyone using this site to express themselves while learning as much as possible from this counter-culture community in return. Boo-ya!
  2. I agree it's stupid to get angry and fight about it. But the reasoning is that it clogs up the forums with the same things over and over again. I know I personally just skip over the duplicate threads, looking for new ideas. The more duplicate threads, the harder I have to look.

    Here's an analogy: GC is That 70's Show sitting in Eric Forman's basement sharing ideas. When Kelso, Hyde, and Fez all say the same thing... who would watch it?
  3. The 70's show gang might all say basically the same idea but the different variations in how it is said is the way that we learn and understand things more completely. Anybody knows how to start a fire, but I can Google "how to start a fire" and probably learn something that I didn't know or think of before.
  4. im going to watch that 70s show now :smoke:
  5. I don't know, but there's something about when people put "The OFFICIAL post a pic of your anus thread" that irks me.

    Who the hell gave you the authority to make something official, and why is it about something stupid?

    The dead hours thread is probably the only "official" thread that is not stickied and not stupid

  6. Oh......I guess I should take down my "Official how to smoke a tampon thread" then....
  7. I don't really care unless its already a sticky thread.
  8. But a different thread on the same idea doesn't invite new variations any more than the original thread would.
  9. For one there doesnt need to be shitloads of the same thread just because he wants to be the op.

    Secondly, all these duplicate threads do is slow down the servers, and we dont need that

    Third, there are no duplicates of "show your pet stoned" threads because that bullshit aint allowed

    Theres no point to making the same thread over and over

  10. Sure it does..... look how many threads there are to cultivate marijuana. Everyone is trying to do the same thing...get the same end result...but everyones experiences and opinions doing it differ greatly. I learned from other members trials and errors as hopefully others will learn from mine.

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