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Who can tell me about the green scene in Albuquerque? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dank4days88, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Hey Just moved down here from WA and in terms of grass things are just a tiny bit different... lol, I'v been smoking for years and basically I just was wondering what the scene is like down here. Not trying to make any best friends or bother anyone I'm just looking to talk to some like minded people in the city, learn whats good and bad, get some info on laws and enforcement... that kind of thing. If you think you can help hit me up I'd love to talk, thanks.
  2. is your friend
  3. Illegal here. We voted for decriminalization but nothing was done about it. Later we learned it was a survey that was ignored by our POS gov. Cops are tough as hell so don't expect any slack. Very dangerous town in the south valley (AKA the war zone by APD and basically the only thing you see on Cops)

    Get a medical card (use google). It costs about $300 the first time and $165 for renewal. Dispensary weed is ok but not really cheap $10/g to $13/g for buds, occasionally they have a good crop. We do get treated well at all the dispensaries so in the end I'm happy. For me ending up in ABQ jail makes the med card worth it a million times over.

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