Who Can Last The Longest?

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  1. Today my girlfriend told me she wants to see who can last the longest not having sex with each other and she keeps purposefully doing things to turn me on and then stops, just teasing me. This isn't a game I want to play any advice for this?
  2. Get hard and put your dick in her face,I doubt she can resist that.
  3. Wait until she's sleeping, jack off and spooge on her face while yelling "You win!"
  4. Nope. Nothing you can do. Just wait it out. 
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    Well, did you specify that you could not have sex with other people? Might be an easy win.Edit: This is supposed to be a joke, you may win, but expect a breakup, even if you don't get caught.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. If you don't bang her soon, someone else is going to.
  7. just say she wins and bang her. how is this not obvious? lolSent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. You'll never win bro.
  9. Turn the tables on her, rub all over her and nibble on her ears and kids get neck, you'll win. Bet

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  10. Start playing with her vibrator with her... then take it away, then play with her again; turn in on full blast and use your superior male strength to keep her from pushing you away... Either way it looks like rape. Have fun, apparently she's into that.
  11. It's a trap. You should fuck the shit out of her the moment you see her..

    Then be like

    I'm sorry but your just so fucking sexy!
  12. [quote name="TejasBoi" post="19433232" timestamp="1391058341"]It's a trap. You should fuck the shit out of her the moment you see her.. Then be likeI'm sorry but your just so fucking sexy![/quote]Win Win right here. What girl doesn't like a compliment?
  13. I have a feeling at the end of this game it will all be worth it.  She wants to be chased and lusted after.  Play into it and surely the blowjobs will abound.  
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    Mess with her: Cook her a nice dinner, lower the lights, whisper in her ear and give her a a massage, start to get really hot and heavy, then stop abruptly, jerk off and turn the xbox on.
  15. Dunno about you but i'd be loving that game haha. Bit of teasing is never a bad thing!
  16. It kind of reminds me of the quiet game that parents play with kids.

    Let's see who can be quiet the longest!!

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  17. So go have sex with her. You'll lose so she get's to win, she'll be happy. You lose, so you get to have sex, you'll be happy. Win-win :laughing:
  18. She's playing you, man. I can hear her now. "Dance for me, monkey boy, dance."

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  19. sweet game
    Thanks babe
  20. Anyone who hasn't seen the Seinfeld episode "Master of My Domain" needs to:

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