Who can ID the real Acapulco Gold here ?

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  1. I was given 2 different looking buds both labeled as Acapulco Gold by a dispensary... I’ve been wanting to try this for ages as I quest for heirlooms I could’ve only dreamed about in the late 90s, but uncertain which is it. Please reply if you can positive ID strain. My instinct says it’s the right one... Thanks

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  2. They could both be.......why do you say one is and one isnt? Because the buds look a bit different?
  3. One was a smaller test amount as some shady dispensaries are popping on Wheres Weed selling ditch, so taking willy nilly risk isn’t smart to do. I only noticed after I got back under light that I was given 2 very different looking buds w the same label
  4. That’s what my canna instinct says, as the tiny leaves are indicative of sativa, thin and furry like appearance than huge calyx to lower leaf ratio
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  5. But today apg and yesterdays might not even be close

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  6. OP......maybe you were looking for "original" instead of "real"???
  7. I tend to agree. I’m known for multiple strainbase submissions most notably G13, so I know those genes are hybridized from original lineage
  8. I’m trying to make a positive ID on what was advertised as the strain, make a review correction and make the dispensary exchange if it’s that’s left one. I didn't donate 360 bones NOT to try the right one
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  9. The modern incarnation of Acapulco Gold looks nothing like what we had in the 70's, at least where I was raised in California. It was literally gold with either very little or absolutely no trace of green. There was also "Panama Red" (from Columbia not Panama) which was literally solid red. So many classic strains back then, Jamaican, Mohoccan etc etc. Not sure what happened but all strains today look moreless the same compared to back then.
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  10. Yeah, I can imagine......that's what "I don't like" about the genetics of today.....there are SOOOOO many strains....all hybrids basically.....they all "meld together"......I would have liked to smoke what you are talking about here^^^^^^^^back in the day.......i can imagine you REALLY COULD tell a difference in the smoke and where it came from.....unlike today....IMO. Back then you got a different name for its effects and how it smokes....not just cuz it sounds cool
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  11. As one of the vets from overgrow (yes I knew all the founders and that circle of growers and breeders) I’m NOT into the new designer strains. The cookies, Sour D’s and OG’s
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  13. Ok for the sake of argument, it’s definitely nowhere near that, but the modern backcross attempt could lean toward the suspect on the right. I’m just trying to find out if the dispensary lied passing it of as something else or mixed up my order when I got a test amount, and the 2 oz is something else entirely.
  14. I think the larger point is, with the modern version of Acapulco Gold there's no easy way to know. Visually it's moreless identical to 100 or 1000 other strains.
  15. When I was growing no 2 flower structures were the same. There’s always distinction and variation of traits between each strain. Having grown Kail Mist, the supposed AG on the right takes on that leafier appearance, as most sativa dominant is wispy, thinner and lighter in density, but I know hybrids and backcrossing can disguise appearance too. The Fig Widow is one such strain. I knew a breeder in OR who was concerned about too much hybridization in the early 2000s...perhaps he was right.

  16. How right you are PP...I called the dispensary after multiple failed text attempts and got to speak to the manager. Apparently it’s BOTH, from different farms. So obviously it has variances in shape and density. One was grown in Seattle and the other in California.
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  17. It's called phototypes you can grow ten plants from the same seeds and most likely you'll have few of one phototype and few of another different looks dont mean anything these days and the only way you'll ever truly know what those strains is to have them lab tested and compare those lab tests to every one the dispensary has which is just a stupid idea. Just smoke um both and get the one you like more. Easy solution

    And you can still get land race seeds to grow the original 13 or so strains that started naturally in different parts of the world

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  18. Phenotype.....not phototype
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    Well thank you very much for the breeding lesson...how many strains did you breed and sell on the seed bank market ? Hmmm...IF I was growing the strain, do you really think I would be asking this ? From a growers perspective, it's no brainier, but I HAVEN'T a clue what the PHENOTYPES look like as a former grower, so I thought maybe it could be recognized by those who have grown it, and it turns even though it's 2 different phenotypes, the right has been ID 3 times now, so yes the strain can be recognized through it's dominant traits. As for the big deal, ask yourself if you made a sample donation for an 1/8 to make sure you don't get scammed for dirt, and you want to 2 more oz's and when you get home under light, one looks different than other, wouldn't you be wondering if you actually got the strain you just paid 360, actually 420, but you'd be steaming pissed off if the 1/8 was AG but those 2 oz's were something different, you'd try to inquire a little more advice than throwing around accusations you didn't get what you paid for...that was the point of this thread. Now, If you thought you were going to school me, I came from a really OLD SCHOOL of growers and breeders (Subcool, Brothers Grimm etc crowd) I once belonged to the elite co-op, but got too HOT, so I left. My seed bank was destroyed by a leak in the fridge, several hundred strains collected allover the globe, so I lost my work, the last F3's of G13 before I dismantled my grow op and resigned to just smoking, and later I find out, was I SMART to part ways finding out about Overgrow and Cannabis World caught up in stings. Next time think before responding, treating me like I don't know what a 'phenotype' is. Go find strainbase and LOOK UP Dankmaster Kail Mist, Ak-47 G13xNL Bluewidow...

    Just a little added info. dankmaster produced a g-13 X fig widow (GFW aka omega G) (fig widow is a fig skuck crossed with white widow) but last i checked they were sold out at heavens stairway. he has also been backcrossing one of his GFW to a g-13 clone to make a fairly pure g-13 available in seed form. not sure when it will be released for sale. also u can get the occasional g-13 crossed with various other strains at the seed auctions at cannabisworld.com

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