Who can help me build lights for my tent

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by MikeMilz, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Ok I have a Gorilla Grow tent 5x9 and I keep getting advice to build my own lights these are my goals for this tent:
    1. Only growing Auto's
    2. I want high yield grow from these lights
    3. Like I said it's 5'x9' so I'm guessing each light should give 5'x5' coverage.
    This are the lights I was going to buy.
  2. The name of it looks like it's screaming "buyer beware."
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  3. So no help?
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  4. Have you looked at the Timber COB kits?
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  5. Yes but I was trying to get help on building my own
  6. OK, someone else should be checking in soon..
  7. Not trying to be an asshole but the Title says it all "WHO CAN HELP ME BUILD MY GROW LIGHTS if I have to purchase lights I'm going to buy Fluence SPYDR+ which I have seen kick major ass in the yield department. I am trying to build my lights.
  8. Have you seen the stuff at rapidled? The real home builders scoff at this site because you can get parts cheaper on alibaba but they have great deals on some nice kits that choose the parts for you. You just build the light. In fact this may be the cheapest quality light for the wattage on the market. If you choose the HLG 240 2100a driver you'll have a max potential for 265 watts for $220 a kit. I think 6 lights will cover your area. That's about $1,300 for the whole garden. They are all dimmable so you can dial in the level of lighting that you need. You could add a few of their red kits to turn on at flower.
    VERO29 Triple COB Array Kit

    4' Photo/Far Red Supplement LED Kit
  9. One thing I see wrong with that light is too much is concentrated in the center. It will have a huge hotspot. I would suggest looking at the HLG 550 light:
    HLG 550
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  10. He wants to build it. If you have the budget I would also suggest quantum fixtures. The qb260 actually has a more efficient heat sink then the 550 pre built fixtures so you can get more watts from 4 boards if you want by buying 2 qb260 kits instead of a single pre built 550. The pre built 550s are 1k and 2 260 kits is $650. Free shipping through Growerslights. They are in stock now. I just ordered one tonight.
    Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit

    I think you would need 6 of the 260 kits to cover your area. 4 of them can easily do 4x8. I'll be running two in my 4x4.

    3 rows of them running end to end long ways across the 5ft area.
  11. What are you looking to spend? How are you at building stuff? any experience with electrical? Metal working?
  12. Yeah, so build a quantum board light instead of a cob light, no big, just better efficiency
    no one is going to hold your hand bud, do the research, spec it out and ask specific questions along the way.
  13. I think everyone kinda knows that the answers are a google search away there is many guides to building cobs. Growmau5 on youtube posts parts lists on every light he builds.

    Personally I would rather deal with 6 kits then large 5x5 custom fixtures.
  14. Hey bud, I'm willing to spend what's needed to light my tent for high Yield I was going to just spend the money for 2 Fluence SPYDERx's so that would be $1,800, I'm pretty handy I'm a metal fabricator and I have all the tools.
  15. True, I get it ...just eager to get started and i have already purchased 2 5'x9' Grow tents.
  16. I have watched some videos but my biggest roadblock is understanding what light will give me highest yield.
  17. If you don't pounce on that QB260 link I gave you they will sell out and you won't be able to get one. They are the hottest light on the market for a reason. The best coverage per watt period.
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  18. Thanks I will check them out then.

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