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Who can comfirm this?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grassisgreener1, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. This link has a fairly long article on how to pass a urine test. It claims that all detox drinks or most are all smoke and mirrors and what really passes the test for you is the excessive amount of water you drink with the detox. It also states that the only way to pass a drug test if you smoked recently and don't want to use a substitute, is to dilute with straight up water. Who can confirm this article?
  2. i didnt read the article but i pass a urine test every week using only water.
  3. flushing out with water and cranberry juice has always been the correct way to do it

    all the other shit is just marketed towards dumb stoners who dont know any better. Fortunately, now you know better ;)
  4. I also heard that the detox only works because it tells you to drink water with it. I have a theory (don't bash me if I'm wrong) but that the detox is a (forgot the word - something that moves liquid through your body quicker). I passed a DT last week by putting toilet water in the cup and just peeing a couple drops to get it the right color. This does not work if there is a temperature gauge on the cup though.

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