who buys magazines?

Discussion in 'General' started by dezz, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. What magazine do you get?

    How much you pay
  2. Rolling Stone and Pop Sci

    And like, whatever it is $12 for a year? Dunno.
  3. i don't anymore, but i used to get popular science as well. and my high school had a bunch of magazine subscriptions in the library so i read a bunch of those, such as popular mechanics, car & driver (think thats what its called), and astronomy. Oh, and i used to read EGM but they stopped making it.
  4. both of my subs are running out and im not going to re-up on them. but game informer and modified. i havent read a single issue of either since i left school...

    now that i think about it i dont think ive gotten all of my issues of modified... i think someone is stealing them... i only got like 6 and i had a years sub...
  5. I'm subscribed to Communication Arts, HOW Design, CMYK, and Grafik. I also read GQ, Esquire, Cigar Aficionado, and The Economist.
  6. Rolling stone and a guitar magazine that I can't even recall right now, im fucking tired
  7. Yeh lol I have a lot of subscriptions. Transworld skate,Thrasher,The Skateboard Mag,Transworld Surf,Surfer,Surfing, and Game Informer.
  8. I'm subscribed to the National Enquirer.
    The most truthful news source since Fox News.
  9. game informer is the only one im subscribed to since i have a Gamestop card.

    i sometimes buy science magazines or high times but not monthly.
  10. Same exact deal for me. In addition, I do enjoy the occasional Nat Geo.
  11. I don't but, but I get like 5 different magazines in the mail every month for free. There's SO many free magazines online if you know where to look lol. We just got them to line our ferret cage.
  12. Just have a 12 month subscription for Juxtapoz maaaaaayne
  13. Mother Earth News- $10 a year. And sometimes I get Family Tree (which is overpriced) a genealogy mag, but not at the moment.

  14. I used to when my daughter was in elementary school and "Had" to sell them for school fund raisers...

    I paid anywhere from $20-$30 for annual subscriptions.
    I don't purchase them any longer as they just caused clutter and cost money! Besides...with all the herb I am smokin' around here...all that paper? Fire hazard!

    I will stick to my Kindle....Saves trees! :D


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