Who Built the Egyptian Pyramids?

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  1. I'm sure you all have watched those Discovery Channel documentaries on the building of the Egyptian pyramids, but I just wanted to hear what everyone thinks about them. How were they built? I have two links that might interest everyone. Never mind that they are a little old. The information is still valid:


    I guess I might as well put this here since aliens are involved: who believes that they have actually seen a UFO? Anyone? :wave:
  2. My history told me they used logs (trees) to roll the blocks up. Don't remember exactly how, but thats the right track.
  3. Well, I just want to point out that each of the roughly two(?) million blocks weighs about two tons. How did they get those blocks on those logs? And how did those logs carry something two tons in weight? And where did all of these rocks come from?

    By the way, TokingToker, is it just chance you have an alien for your avatar?
  4. I think that the Egyptians built them. It had to have been an incredibly hard task but it has been proven that it was possible using the technologies available back then.

    And I do believe in aliens, I have also once seen a strange light in the sky, moving very irregular, but I don't know what it was.
  5. i dont think it was aleins or egyptians or syrians but it was slave labor of the jews. yes i think it was 995 jewish labor (my half my family is jewish , i know its not a race so im not 50% jew but tis more of a culture and religon but not a race ) so i feel like maybe part of my ancestors had a dealing in it some way way back back if thats possible. anyone think its possible ?
  6. The Egyptians architectural abitility was amazing. They definatley did it. Hell the ROMANS stole engineering knowledge from the egyptians.
  7. How did they build it then? You say slave labor... well, do you want to elaborate? What process did they use?
  8. As posted in another thread:

    I believe the pyramids are a result of a fad of human-pyramid building which occurs in the late 2040's

    Of course, by this time, time travel exists. In that previous time line, humanity reached a consensus that it would be really cool if they had the ancient, dumb, barbarian humans to build gargantuan real pyramids out of brick and stone.

    So a man by the name of Gary Goldstein traveled back in time, as a temporal ambassador, on the 16th of September, 2046 to stone-age Earth. There he traveled in his high-orbit airplane and disguised himself cleverly as a Tralfamadorian (an E.T.) and convinced the ancient tribes of earth to construct these megalithic monuments and they would be rewarded in the afterlife with riches and wonders beyond their wildest dreams.

    Also, Stonehenge was a later re-birth of the trend in the early 2060's but it was much less successful.

    When Mr. Goldstein returned to his time period, the pyramids were refurbished and used to advertise a human-pyramid event taking place in Priah, Cambodia. It was (will be) a successful event. They broke the current (then current) human-pyramid record.
  9. Egyptians built it. People are so friggin arrogant. Just because people perceive them as less advanced and from the past they must be incompetent, right? These people had the same brain power as we do. They had the math, they had the labor, they had the resources, and they had the reason (trying to make it to heaven). In fact, they were probably more competent then us in masonry and organizational techniques.

    Give me a mass amount of people with varying skills who are willing to sacrifice decades of their life for a real or imagined afterlife, a bunch of materials, and 70 years. Ill give you a pyramid. Its all about the dedication and basic geometry.
  10. Ohhh puuuuuhlease!

    I think that an time-travelling extra terrestrial is a much more plausible explanation. :rolleyes:

  11. Ok I concede. Im Gary Goldstein. I didnt want you blowing my cover with the story but if your going to call me out I guess Ill just admit it. I tricked those damn heathens into building pyramids to impress my friends in the future. We all had a good chuckle. That human pyramid was nuts.
  12. \

    don't mock me!

    my belief is valid even though i don't have a single shred of evidence for it!

  13. Did you read that first website I posted? You think all that stuff is explained by just simple geometry and dedication? I'd be curious to know how you explain each point the author makes.
  14. How 'bout we listen to what scientists say. They say it was the Egyptians. The people that built it were hard-motherfucking workers. There were also LOTS of them. It also took LOTS of time to build them.

    Why do people feel the need to come up with bullshit stories to validate their preconcieved notions.

  15. Are you trying to validate your preconceived notion? Can you explain to me how the Egyptians could have known exactly how far away the sun was so that they could have made the Great Pyramid almost exactly 1/1,000,000,000 that distance tall? Oh, let me guess... they used their hieroglyph numbers in complex trigonometric math because those could have worked? Let me ask you all this. What shape could be less logical to try to build than a pyramid? Honestly, think about that.
  16. I highly doubt that highly intelligent extra-terrestrial aliens came to earth just to plant pyramids in the middle of the desert and leave. People underestimate the intelligence of the ancient civilizations. There are a ton of things that the ancients did which was lost during the middle ages. So you never know.

  17. haha, What makes you think they left? :) They probably didn't.

  18. Look, you need to prove me wrong. I dont need to prove that aliens dont exist, you need to prove they do, brush up on your logic dude. What makes more sense... that a mass amount of people, with a mass amount of resources, with a good reason, and mathmatical ability built the pyramids, or that is was built by space aliens? We know the people existed, we know the reason existed, we know the math existed, and we know the resources existed. What do aliens provide to this equation that is we dont already have? You havent even proved that space aliens exist let alone proved they built the pyramids.

    And the first site is a joke. All it proves is that the geometry of the pyramid aligns with the stars and local geography, which the egyptians had an intimate knowledge of.

    What the hell is wrong with todays schools? Dont they teach logic anymore? In not one case in any of those websites was a strong cogent arguement proving that space aliens buil the pyramids present. In fact, some arguements support the oposite position. So absurd. People will believe any stupidness you send their way.

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