Who brought marijuana back on the scene?

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  1. who made it popular in the sixties? did someone just decide to fly hundreds of pounds into the US and people just bought into it or something?

    My guess is that people caught onto it after it being popular in the jazz culture.
  2. i did :D

    idk but it was prob because everyone was gettin into the whole shaman/ native american thing/ buddist thing
    i dont think one person brought it back
    it was just a reveloution :D
  3. Brought it back? i dont think it was ever completley gone. I think it just seemed gone because of all the anti marijuana adds during the 30s 40s and 50s.
  4. This is completely and entirely true.

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  6. yup
    and thanks :D
  7. it was never completely gone. came here in the late 1800's, stayed here after that but was only popular among jazz musicians. then made illegal, almost died except for some who chose to rebel against the unjust laws and harsh penalties. with portests for the vietnam war, and other forms of rebellion, marijuana was another way of rebelling against american government institutions. then it just stayed here and became increasing popularity BECAUSE the government was trying to stop the use. basically the government didnt realize until, well, never, that the only thing they were doing was making people curious mentioning weed.

  8. I think the Native Americans had marijuana earlier than the 1800s. didnt they? idk maybe they were smoking something else out of their peace pipes. lol
  9. probably meth
  10. cannabis was a widely used substance in the 1800's...and even onto the 20th century...popular mechanics hailed hemp as the cash crop of the 20th century in the 30's....despite it being illegal during the 40's...farmers were encourgaged to grow hemp for the war effort..to make uniforms, ropes, and the like

    my grandfather told me..when he was a kid growing up during WW2..there was fields of weed in arkansas..he would wonder around picking buds to smoke (he learned this from his own father (my great grandfather..who was the first in our family to move to the united states..banished from the main branch of our family in Wales)..who would smoke cannabis laced cigarettes during high stress situations as a lawyer

    cannabis never truly left the scene...it remained underground til the pre-revolution of the 60's..this was the precourser to the soon to happen movement of freedom and acceptance and love of the Age of Aquarius
  11. im really not positive about this. i always thought they were smoking tobacco out of the peace pipes.
    but HEMP was very prevelent in the united states, and in fact the world until anslinger came along. he basically used scare tactics to get the united states to criminalize weed, and then the world. it wasnt just him alone. he had funding from paper mills, chemical and pharma companies, clothing, everything. hemp batlles all of these institutions and wins. hemp was americas third largest crop before MARIJUANA was brought onto the scene in the late 1800's by mexican immigrants who smoked it to relax after a hard days work. but, because they were mexicans, it was outlawed immediatly after a false claim made by a white man who said he was assaulted by 4 mexicans who had just smoked marijuana. then when anslinger came onto the scene, he was trying to bust just dopepeddlers, that is heroin, opium, all of those. but couldnt get them fast enough, so he focused on something that was already illegal, but wasnt that dangerous and was still fairly prevelant. then the marijuana tax act happened, requiring everyone who wanted to have weed get a stamp. but he never gave them out, ever. and so it happened, first man was arrested for carrying 2 marijuana ciggarettes, got 5 years.
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    nope...a tribe in northeast england who settled around the massechusetts/rhode island area.....grew and smoked cannabis in their pipes...

    they were known as the Naragassat...the enemies of the Pequot tribe...and who helped start the Mohegan nation with the help of the settlers of Providence..

    (a great plague swept through northeast america in the 1600's..decimating most tribes like the Sanguin (the tribe that Squanto was hailed from, who eventually assimilated himself into the Mohegan after he came back from his enslavement in the european contient)

    Anamist Shaman's also used cannabis in alot of their healing, it helped with migranes, menstrual cramps, toothaches, emotional afflictions (stress, anxiety, post tramutic stress)

    it was one of the first aquricultrual crops grown in america by the native americans (along with squash and tobacco)..they were considered essential plants by the tribes..otherwise these hunter gatherers never grew any crops

    some anthropologists suggest the use of cannabis and the desire for barley for beer was the catalyst of all modern farming...otherwise food they gathered was grown wild
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    oh I know it was never gone thats why my guess is that people caught on from the jazz culture which was big since like the start of the 20th century. I guess I worded it shitty.

    Its obvious there was a decline of marijuana use after the thirties. I was just wondering why all of a sudden it got popular again during the sixties..I kinda agree with what bliss said

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