Who Blew My Pipe??

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  1. Does anyone know?
    It was purchased at the Octopus Garden in Asheville NC

    ps. sorry about the shitty webcam pics

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  2. How would we know?
  3. The guy at the shop said it was blown by some famous glass blower, but i forgot his name. I want a matching DubBUB
  4. Im not sure,

    but awesome pipe! +rep!

    How much did you pay?
  5. um ok? its nice tho dude...how the fuck wuld ik who did it tho lol

    google famous glass pipe blowers lol and see a list of names lol idk
  6. i paid 130

  7. Thats what ive been doing for the past hour lol
  8. doesn't look like anything by anyone i know...

    no sig on it?
    probably a no name.

    EDIT - pretty clean lines on it, nice piece btw.

  9. its not a no name, went to the guys website after i bought it a couple months ago. He had some sick shit
  10. wow i think you shoulda bought a bong, 130 for any pipe is ridiculous, especially one of that size, maybe if it was a heady piece but not no 130 for one like that
  11. That is heady... the marble, the color work... No telling who made it, but that IS heady, and it MIGHT be worth 130...
  12. im not hatin on the pipe, id hit it, but its deff not no heady piece, nice for sure but not a heady, but w/e helps you sleep at night man

    heres wut a heady piece should look like


    all bs aside its a nice piece
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    Your idea of heady comes from EDIT?? FAIL. Want to tell me how the work on his bowl differs in quality from the work on the ones you posted?? So his doesn't have as many horns and shit, that is not the kind of work you find on a no name piece. Debate all you want about the definition of "heady", he's asking who blew that bowl. And if you ask me, it wasn't some no name yokel.
  14. i guess we'll have to agree to disagree
  15. It matches my bubbler.


  16. When I think of heady glass I sure don't think of Weedstar :D
  17. No, no. He's an expert. He's looked at EDIT for 2, maybe even 3 hours!!
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    You are fucking stupid, my pipes heady as fuck. also the pictures dont do it justice at all
  19. Nice pipe and looks worth the money but I doubt success in the search for the creator
  20. weedstar is what you consider heady glass?


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