who believes arnie?

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  1. lies! lies! lies! need i say more?....ok lies!lies!lies!
  2. He says he's republican, but he doesn't seem republican to me.

    and "But he voiced more conservative positions on other issues, opposing gay marriages and the granting of drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants." That's the exact opposite of what he was for earlier in this campaign. He switched to some stances that are closer to the GOPs but he still doesn't seem like a party member. All the republicans I know (my entire family and more) don't think of him as a republican at all.
  3. are you the black sheep of the family then?
    cos surely you can't be a republican inferio'wang...
  4. I'm republican, but not nearly as left wing as my family. I agree with many of the Republican stances, but have a more open view on many things than many of the closed-minded politicians we vote into office. I don't agree with many of the stances of the Democrats, such as pro-life, gun control, welfare, medicare, levying higher taxes on those who have more, etc. In this day and age, there aren't really any in between parties that are taken seriously, so one must align oneself with whichever one sees as the lesser of two evils. The republicans aren't progressive, which bites, but they stand for many more of the ideas that I believe in. That doesn't mean I believe that Iraq was the right thing to do. I believe that Saddam needed to be taken out of power, but the we went about it was terrible. They didn't even plant WMDs to cover up, just pretty much said, "Oops, our bad."
  5. sorry, sometimes I get my directions mixed up cuz it's just so pointless. and I meant pro-choice, too. I need to start drinking less.
  6. I moved this to spirituality/philosophy since it has little to do with legalization and a lot to do with what The Governator believes in overall.

    He's a doped up horndog btw. He's more like clinton than that powdery nosed monkey we have for a president in nature, though he's simply willing to say whatever people tell him will get him votes.

    He'd call himself a neo nazi/scientologist if it would get him votes.

  7. your not trying to subliminaly sugest that there's a link between nazis and scientologists are you?
  8. heh, nope

    I'm just saying that would be an unpopular combination. Scientologists kind of scare me but they aren't nazis.

    Although I think one of the characters from "The Producers' was a nazi scientologist :D
  9. ^^Ron Hubbard, founder of the scientology church, was a big admirerer of Aleister Crowley, funder of the Ordo Templis Orientalis. also known as a "satanic" society that was also linked with the pagan myth that was the mythological basis of the german nazi-party, as worshipped by the inner circles of the SS.

    So finding a scientology-nazi link is not very difficult. especially when you consider the methods that this particular "church" use to coerce it's followers and critics alike.
  10. lol. yeah. stretching it a bit.

    but the hubbard<-->crowley connection is well known.

    the crowley<-->SS nazimyth connection is a bit vague though, but their are some similarities in their general philosophy.

    and even then there wouldn't be a *direct* link between hubbard and the inner SS. but their methods of cult worship and dealing with critics are strikingly similar.

  11. i think you mean right wing. left wing refers to liberals or democrats.
  12. the whole recall is a ridiculous idea. the republican party is blaming davis for all the problems of the state, such as cutting budgets of school programs lately, even though the only school programs being cut are ones that were just recently added under davis back when we had a surplus. they also claim that he is responsible for the deficit we now have. funny how nobody mentions that the recall will cost the state millions more dollars. the point of a recall is to do away with corrupt officials, not unpopular politicians. the reason the republicans want the recall is that they know that a republican will never get a majority of the votes in an election in california, and a recall election doesnt require a candidate to recieve the majority of all votes to become governer. whoever gets the most votes wins, even if they only get 25%. california is a liberal state, and the governer is supposed to represent the will of the state, so a republican, even a moderate one like arnold, should never be allowed to control the state.

  13. or socialists or communists or even a few anarchists, and perhaps at a push it could be said nihilists too.
  14. but were talking about the recall which doesnt involve that.
  15. there are two reasons for the california recall election. the official excuse is the deficit. and when the current governor tried to jack up car related taxes it wasn't difficult for the republicans to get enough people to sign a petition for a recall election. now, during this election, unlike under normal governor elections, the winner will be the one who amasses the *most* votes of all the available candidates, *not* the one who gets a majority (over 50%). so in theory, the republicans could win the election by as little as 20-25% of the popular vote going to one of their candidates.

    in liberal california, this is the only way the republicans can take over office in that state... coincidence, methinksnot.
  16. *chortle*


    California with a republican mayor? it only now sunk in, I had thought about it plenty before but it's just so ludicrous and wrong.

    I say the liberals should get 'em back by making Micheal Moore governor of Texas.

  17. bah! I can't believe i did that. You can tell I was stoned by the way I spelled 'chorlte'
  18. :D




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