who are your heroes and what are they good at

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  1. who are your heroes/heroines? more specifically, what fields have they excelled in?
    inb4 shrek

  2. Coming up to snow season, ima say Jeremy Jones, dudes like a Shred God... His stuff is awesome and has definitely pushed mtn riding to a new level!

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  3. I really admire the whole band Animal Collective... all four members contribute on all their albums, truly a full and amazing band. Seeing them live just blew me away! I was literally high on life from that concert, no drugs involved whatsoever!
    I also really admire Stanley Kubrick, his films almost completely fill up my top 10 movies list, the man was simply a genius at creating art out of film.
    And finally, I also really admire the works of Alexander Shulgin, he was a true pioneer of the mind who helped to push the human race further forward than most people can ever hope to. A true American hero.
  4. Erich Weiss, also known as Harry Houdini. This man seriously did shit his own way, made his own profession and kicked ass every step of the way by being unique. I know many will be going WTF and that's cool. He was just one of a kind, often mimicked but never duplicated. And yes I was an escape artist for a time as well though not on that level.. houdini.jpg
  5. What's up Viking Toker! Haven't seen you on the MMA thread lately. My heroes are GSP and funnily enough, Conor Mcgregor. They both seem to have unwavering discipline towards accomplishing their goals (being the best mixed martial artists they can possibly be). It inspires me to push myself and overcome any hardship life presents me with.
    Also, any man who simply accepts his reality, makes the best of it, and carries on.
  6. Mines would be this tattoo artist I met recently. He is seriously everything I want to be as an artist. I don't really have any celebrity heroes but if I had to choose I'd say Oprah. She should be every black female s inspiration and not for the race thing but for proof that it literally doesn't matter what your background is or your skin color.
    All that matters is your dedication to your cause.

    I clean table ... I clean mouth ... You breathe deep
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    Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski - Good at chilling
    Jason Becker - Good at guitar shredding, can still make music even with ALS
    Terence Mckenna - Good at drugs
    Louis CK, George Carlin, Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr - Good at being funny cunts
    Peter Buck and Fred Deluca - Co-founders of Subway restaurants
    The only things I care about in life are laughing, chilling, music, drugs and Subway sandwiches.
    The rest is just details.
  8. Any decent politician that doesn't have their head up their ass.
  9. Satoshi Nakamoto for engineering a financial virus to capitalize on pitting corporate greed against itself.
    Not to mention leaving easter eggs of monetary history along the bread crumb trail.
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    Saved mad whales

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