who are you???

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who are you???

  1. me

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  2. someone who thinks they are me

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  3. someone else

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  4. space alien just visiting

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  5. another (please tell)

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  1. i thought it might be interessting to see whats cooking in the minds of the community.
  2. you said it once again, it's hard when you can't find your own feet in a world where you are just another human to most other people.

    "be in love with yr life
    be crazy dumbsaint of the mind
    blow as deep as you want to blow
    write what you want bottomless from
    the bottom of the mind
    remove literary, grammatical and syntactical
    write in recollection and amazement for yourself."
    -jack kerouac-

    "once you're out there in the world, on your own, nobody cares."
    -raymond carver-
  3. i used to be pagan. now i (like your husband) am a baptist. kinda ironic how that worked out. the pagan thing didn't really work for me. still had that void in my life... christ filled it pretty well... lol, i don't really feel like starting a debate, so i'll leave it at that :)
  4. Well i'm an realist you might say. You know how scientist don't believe in god? Well i do but i believe that this planet is our god. Just take a look around you.

    Who supplies our food, water, rain, shelter, and the materials for the things we have. She gives us every thing we need.

    Where did we come from? In the bible, Adam was brought to life from the dirt, right? We in one way or another eat dirt. The plants and vegetables we eat are from the dirt. For those who eat meat, the food that our cows and pigs and poultry comes from the dirt. Even the seafood relies on wet dirt.

    When you are buried you go back to the earth!

    The burning bush that moses got the ten commandments from, that was in the dirt.

    My spiritual being is from the great land that we are all living on everyday. As we travel across this land we rely on what the land provides for us.

    I believe that she takes care of us through life and death!
  5. sounds like you got some pagan influences in your beliefs. to me though the earth is just a temporary dwelling place until that awesome day when i go to be w/my creator (Jesus). it's a place where i am tempted, harrassed, attacked, abandoned... nothing but bad comes from the world (at least for me). everything that's good in my life has come from God. it's the only way i can explain it. nothing good ever really happened to me until i started living by the Bible... since then it's like *bam* awesome change in life. not because it was in my head that that's what would happen... but i went out on a limb, trusted the Bible, and it worked... i mean no disrespect, so please, don't take it as i do

  6. Power from this world is from the god of this world! Sure he'll give you power BUT at what price? He is nothing but a big fat LIAR who will do anything to decieve you from seeking the truth.

  7. as a former pagan, yeah... i agree with that. you can be in touch w/nature and all, and be a Christian... but the whole power from the earth thing is kinda ehh... any power other than power from asking God (not the earth) is a no no according to the Bible... but the Bible also teaches you can't lose your salvation if you were sincere when you got saved... so i dunno...
  8. i think being at one with nature and therefore closer to yourself and your origin is more important than being at one with god unless you veiw god as nature or mother nature.
    but that is coming from some one who does not believe in god but in the thing that surrounds us, is us, feeds us and in it's own way takes care of us.
    the old dudes say:

    "nature does nothing without an aim, she is always striving after the most beautiful that is possible."

    "the good of the people is the chief law."

    "happiness is not an ideal of reason but imagination."
    -immanuel kant-

    "religion is the opium of the people."
    -karl marx-

    "man is only a reed, the weakest thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed."
    -blaise pascal-

    "man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains"
    -jean-jacques rosseau-
  9. man shit, the other dya i aas in a meeting

    and started looking at everyones faces and shit

    and all i saw was a bunch of alieans...they all looked like aleians to me

    kinna like the shit in MIB....heheh shit

  10. I would say I view God as the creator of nature.

    I can't see how nature can be a god/godess. Nature is our environment in which we dwell. YES, it is divine and something to be respected but to idolise it.....um....I don't know....I guess I just don't see it that way.

  11. I loved that movie!! Have you seen the MIB2??? I saw it on the weekend, not a bad flick, that's if you like that sort a thing.
  12. Who am I? I am someone and noone. I'm an unremarkable face in the sea of millions. We all have stories, but does anyone really care to hear them? I wish that I could look at someone and know who they are and their story, but I think that alot of people really don't care who you really are, just what they think and then 'know' you are.
  13. I'm an eccentric, weed loving person with a passion for fun, excitement, and getting the most out of life. That basically sums me up for now. I have always wanted to be abducted by aliens but that always seems to happen to redneck, uneducated people. Aren't they the lucky ones!!!!! LOL.
  14. Im def me..but if asked me this question 2 years ago, I would have def had a different answer. Ive never been happier knowing me!
  15. The Bible talks about being equally yoked. A husband and wife should belive the same thing.

    So if your a pagan and going against God and your husband is a christain and saved, eventually it's not gonna work out. Lets say it dose and one of you dies well thats where it would end. Eternaly you would be seperated from him.

    Also you can't serve two masters. Either you live for God or You live for the world.

    If I were you I would set up a meeting with your husbands pastor and see what he has to say about this sorta stuff.

    God Bless

  16. I was making my bed one morning and the Lord gave me this vision of this beautiful...amazing...serene...waterfall...green...mountainous…piece of nature. He told me that my life is like that work of nature to Him. That was how He saw me, and He spoke to me how much He loved me, and why He enjoyed being with me. IT WAS SUCH A FANTASTIC MOMENT!!!!!! I can't even give justice to that moment. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

    So, needless to say when I read the first quote from Aristotle really spoke to me! I can honestly say that is how I truly feel. I believe we always need to strive to be the best we can be! So…I like nature am always striving after the most beautiful that is possible. I also agree with the second quote. If...we went back to letting "the good of the people" be the deciding factor in our politics...legal system...schools...homes....jobs!!!!!! Wherever or whatever we do....or if we could ever really obtain that here on this earth....but....wouldn't the world be a better place!

    I love "happiness is not an ideal of reason but imagination." Not an ideal of reason????? What is that? I think it's…You can't think yourself happy. More money will not make you happy. That new house, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or when you get married or whatever…!!! But imagination…That's your dreams…your goals!!!! Now following them. That's the way to true happiness.

    "religion is the opium of the people." To me religion is the work of the devil. It's mans attempt at being GOD!!!!! So, yes…to some people it is like opium. I personally hate all religion. It has destroyed all the things that people blame God for doing. BUT I guess if in this scope…it wouldn't be a bad way to go!

    "man is only a reed, the weakest thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed." I really liked this one. Because even if I were only a reed in that awesome picture God showed me that morning. I would be HAPPY!!!!! The ability to think…What a gift!

    "man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains"

    Jesus came to set the captives free. Free, free I'm free at last. Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!
  17. I am the Anti-they.

    EDIT: this is a topic i have thought much about and have posted my revised version.... read on....
  18. i'm other. why you ask? i'll tell you why, cuz you don't have jesus christ as an option.
  19. i guess i'm a pagan, a realist, an atheist - whatever name you want to give. like bud head, i believe the planet is our creator. she feeds us, shelters us, cows us when we're feisty, cleans us out when we're pushy..... there is a rhyme and a reason for everything. our lives are undeniably intertwined with the earth. we could not live or die without Her.

    yet i also believe we're all aliens - some galactic experiment. i got that from an aunt that is religious. so i guess belief is a matter of what you believe in.

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