Who are you?

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  1. Are you only the parts of yourself that you can perceive? Or are the perceptions others have of you that you are unaware of also a part of who you are?
  2. this is a loaded question
  3. i guess the answer is both..though in this reality you can only consciously be aware of what you perceive, including the perceptions of others that you are made aware of or fabricate on your own..and i guess all of that can change one way or the other depending on belief as you go through time. i think its possible that the perceptions we aren't consciously aware of are part of what we are, but i can't be sure of the significance of that because it's such an abstract idea lol.
  4. I am Arthur, King of the Britons!
  5. Look, now here's the real killer. If you perceive some things about "you" and yet don't perceive (are unaware of) other things about "you", who are you? How many different "you"s are there?

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  6. The perceptions that others have of you make up who you are, only in the minds' of others, unless of coursce they share their opinion with you, and you acknowledge that opinon.
    So, other peoples' perception of you is a part of who you are.. however, I'm sure some people try to ignore that part. (Unwanted thoughts)..

    To me.. I'm only what my understanding allows me to take in..
    To others.. I'm sure I'm a whole lota other things.

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    I like that question very philsophical. Our reality is limited by our senses. So to answer who we truly are who be way too complicated, other dimensions etc. But for our version of reality on earth, then I believe we are the sum of more than just what we and others perceive, but both are a factor.
  8. i would say that i know who i am, and everyone i know would disagree with me and each other about it, and they wouldn't be wrong either.
  9. I think you are me. Or I am you.

    bkadoctaj......are you reading my mind?
    Honestly, it's getting pretty creepy.
  10. Conceptually, I believe that I am everything, I am consciousness and naked existence. I am perception. I am the canvas on which my thoughts are perceived.

    I do not 'know' however, if I did I would be enlightened. I have yet to know who I am.

    The consciousness that is currently typing does not know who it truly is or who it truly belongs to.
  11. You guys on AIM?

  12. i think you are your words/message, your actions, your intentions at most. your self-righteousness, your willpower,
  13. in the words of popeye.

    I am who i am, and thats all that i am.
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  15. I'm with him! That's me in the background!

  16. You are your lifes experiences
  17. Whose life experiences? ;)
  18. Thank fuck somebody got it!

    I was getting worried there!
  19. And you are, Sam_Spade?
  20. if only i knew. *zones out in deep thought*.

    but if i were to guess...
    i am what i dont perceive, as long as its me in an absolute sense.

    i am what i am potentially capable of perceiving. evening if i am not currently aware of that capable perception.

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