Who are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by breatheeasy, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. “I think I spent 30 years of my life, the first 30, trying to become something. I wanted to become good at things, I wanted to become good at tennis, I wanted to become good at school and grades, and everything I viewed in that perspective. I’m not OK the way I am, but if I got good at things. I realised I had the game wrong: the goal was to find out who I already was.

    - Featured in Zeitgeist

    I watched the movie the other day and heard this qoute. It got me thinking hard about what I already am. So what are you already?
  2. Last time i checked,life wasnt a game lol

    From another perspective, i am kid who thought Weed and alcohol were the devil. Then i tried it and my outlook changed. I then proceeded to drink and smoke for all the times i figured i would have if i wasnt a goody good kid up until the night i first tried weed. Still going strong and plan to for the rest of life! If i died tomorrow i would be happy with what ive done.

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