who are you voting for?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by landrace, May 2, 2016.


Trump V. Clinton

  1. Trump

  2. Clinton

  1. Considering a general election:

    Trump wins the Republican Nomination
    Hillary wins the Democrats Nomination.

    Who would you vote for?
  2. I think that it's going to become very interesting, if Trump is nominated.
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  3. Trump.

    inb4 increasingly nervous liberal says he can't win for the 11th time and his campaign is due to crash.
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  4. Democracy is a bitch
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  5. No one. Fuck this bullshit. I will not go out of my way to play along with this charade and give my written consent to be ruled and obey these psychopaths.
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  6. lol voting
  7. If it's between those two no one. If Bernie is in it I'll vote for him

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  8. All candidates are fucked this time around. None get my vote so far. Maybe that will change in the future. I doubt it though. When it comes time, this election I'll be voting for whichever candidate is going to bring the US closer to it's termination
  9. Make a "Would you rather get shot or stabbed" thread while youre at it
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  10. it really doesnt matter,its picking between the lesser asshole....n no matter who gets in r country will continue down the path its been on for 30yrs now
  11. I honestly didn't think anything could be worse than Ted Cruz winning the White House, then he announced his vp and that's the only thing worse than Ted Cruz is Cruz/ Fiorinia or however you spell her name, it's no wonder she likes to sing to his children they're the only other ones who understand Biblical Aramaic nursery rhymes or whatever language the anti Christ and his family speaks. I don't care who you vote for just not Ted cruz

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  12. They're all scum who couldn't give a shit about us working people.
    So no one.
    I'd rather vote for an android... aka skynet.

  13. I never voted before. I'll vote for who ever is not Clinton. I'll be voting for who I feel is the lesser evil.
  14. Depends on what bernie does, I've been his supporter and I'll continue to support his decision. If there are protests I might do that instead on election day. Who knows.

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  15. That to me was a last dumb desprate move. Besides making a pack with Kasich. I almost felt like it was screaming "PICK ME ILL ELECT A WOMEN AND NOW I CAN REALLY BEAT HILLARY!" Such a bad move she had 1 delaget.



    Lets not forget the most asked question during the debate. (Sad I know..)

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  16. If you don't care for the ideals represented by either candidate, why vote at all?
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