Who are you voting for this presidential election?

Discussion in 'General' started by Aconites, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. I know it's real early, but who do you think is the best candidate so far? I'll probably vote for Obama. So far I think he has the best policies.
  2. I'm voting for Obama! Oh... Wait... I can't. *Shrugs* Aw well, someone will vote for him for me I am sure.
  3. I got a couple of felonies, and in this state, they don't let you vote with that...
  4. I cant say for sure yet, but I have my eye on Steve Kubby.
  5. Whoever is better for America is who I will choose.
  6. Right on. I remember in high school when people would talk about the elections and how they would vote for someone because of the sole fact that they were a dem/rep. I asked why not just vote for someone who you feel is the best to run the country, and they got all mad at me =/. Needless to say there are some democrats who vote for democratic candidates, because it fits in with their values, and the same for republicans, but there are alot of people who just join one side or the other without giving it much thought, which is a bummer because it almost turns it into a popularity contest.
  7. Welcome to "democracy"!
  8. vote barack obama, or he'll bitch slap your mama

    once you go barack, you never go back

    i'm votin for he-man.
  9. obama, we need some soul in tha white house.
  10. He should make that his slogan.
  11. Isn't it a bit early to have this discussion? Most of the people in the news now won't be on the ballot of the general election -- each party only nominates one person.

    /I'll probably vote for whomever the Dems nominate
  12. I'm also talking about the primary election.
  13. ron paul or either tom tancredo...if you vote for obama your an idiot..he is worst for the spot and so is hilliary...really if you give two shits about our constitution and are freedom that is granted here in the United States, you will not vote for them...please dont...ron paul or tom tancredo is your best bet..check them out, both serve in congress
  14. Care to elaborate on that?
  15. Burt Reynolds

  16. Ah, I love an intelligent debate :p

    While it is very early, right now i'd probably have to say either Joe Biden (for his foreign policy and experence), or Obama ( i think he'd do a good job uniting the country, and I agree with him on most of the issues. Although if Gore decides to run I'd probably vote for him, but i'm not positive about that. Eh, I've got time.
  17. im sorry i really dont feel like typing 700 pages of information of why not to vote for them...trust me, if you know anything about our government and how corrupt it has become...you will def. know why...do some research, look it up...if i were to talk to you in person i would tell you everything and it would completely change your thoughts about our government...sorry there is just WAY TOO MUCH TO TELL..if your serious about it i will send you a private message in a couple of days, giving you alot of informatin and such about the current system and why it will only get worse under these people......TRUST ME!!!!...do not vote for them...it's just soo sad to see our country go the way it has...sooo sad..it really hurts to talk about it...but yeah once again if your serious i would be more than happy to tell you all about some things and the issues that face of government and how the United States has become a United State which is not good, if you know anything about the bill of rights and more specifically the 10th amendment you will know what exactly i am talking about...more people must be informed...it has taken serveral years of research gain the knowledge about EVERYTHING about our government and what is really going on??...once again im sorry i cant tell you in this post its just really complicated and hard to explain unless in person or unless your serious about it and want to what is really going on, and do some of your own research...
  18. I understand that our government is corrupt and its a horrible thing, and i know that Ron paul is very anti big government, and i think thats a good thing (he's not off my list of possible candidates to vote for), but i just dont understand how barak obama will make it worse than it currently is.
  19. He might not make it worse, but he def. won't make things any better. If he or hillary is elected they WILL take our 2nd amendment away....which will lead to some big things here inside the country...im sorry i just cant talk about it, theres too many things and pisses me off way to much, i'll post a thread in a couple of days w/ the best of details and all that good stuff..i just cant do this right now...
  20. i will make one other comment that will make us both happy to close the night haha...ron paul is for reforming marijuana laws..but of course thats def. not what it's all about...have a good night grasscity

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