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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nuggs419, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. ok i just saw the post about the cell phones michrophone and the fbi being able to listen to you talk around your phone now even when its turned off and it has me wondering about the election thats coming up sooner then you think and i was wondering who the members Of GC are voting for
    I'm Voting for Ron Paul

    i was also wondering who else might be voting for him.

    and although i dont think any one else even comes close to him I Would Like to know Who Are You Voting For For The 2008 Election?

    I'am able to vote hell yeah!!!
  2. haha ron paul all the way.
  3. I'm down with Ron Paul. Word.
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  5. The democratic nomenee
  6. Another One For Mother Fuckin Ron Paul
  7. I'm either voting for Obama or Ron Paul.. still not sure.
  8. my votes going towards Ron Paul or \t\t\t\t\tKucinich. Their both chill, nice, smart guys, against the drug war....against all this corrupt shit that our country has become.... against the mark of the beast (the chip)....against the governments control of the world wide web.... FOR our rights, they are the real patriots who want to fix this country up and prevent the destruction of the USA from war....compared to the racist, nazi skum shits out there like Rudy, Romney...and so on.

    And i hope EVERYONE is still trying to impeach bush....even if its 20 days before the elections for a new president.... look what he's already done just recently! Directive 51 (NSPD 51) and the Executive Order! Now we can't protest SHIT.

    NSPD 51 gives George W. Bush power over congress.. (funny, hitler signed something that did exactly the same thing...and im sure was called the same as well), in the event of a national emergency... (not many people know of this somehow.....) It gives him dictatorial power! HE IS A DICTATOR NOW...just hiding under the title "president".... all these fucking sheep who still love him, FUCK! THEY ARE SO BLIND.

    The Executive Order....well this is worse then NSPD 51 in my opinion. Why??? Because if you protest anything on Iraq (and mannnny other middle east countries), they can TAKE AWAY YOUR HOME, your property... "all property and interests in property of the following persons, that are in the United States....."

    "due to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by acts of violence threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq and to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people" PEACE????? what the fuck! This is just another way to try and trick everyone.... Cause whats going to happen? Especially at such an odd time (why do that now??? why especially when they start to warn of 'upcoming terrorist attacks on usa worse then 9/11' do they suddenly bring this order out??? BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ONE....and no one will be able to protest SHIT. otherwise your property is seized... and, well seeing how bush is the dictator, he can do whatever:D AWSOME!

    right off of the! <=Executive Order(s) <=nspd 51

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL PEOPLE(or Kucinich)! EVEN IF YOU HATE VOTING AND DONT AGREE WITH IT....You will be at least helping us get started in the right direction....and pedophiles will be the ones getting jailed more...not pot smokers. And hopefully the future wont end up something like the movie "children of men" with another huge holocaust (even though there are many going on right now!) Restore America back to its rightful owners.... not the Nazi's who have slowly leaked their way into our system over years and years since the last world war and many other events - Like a mushroom spore, it just took one of those little bad green mold spores to contaminate and blind the whole colony until its too late and eaten from the inside out! IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN EM'! And thats kinda whats happened in a way... shit, i bet more then 89% of these 'bad spores' dont even realize that they have been mislead, through their own actions and choices that they thought were 'normal' or 'good'... The nazi's know this stuff, LSD testing, they did all kinds of shit on jews in auschwits and since then have been studying the mind heavily....How it doesn't even involve any direct action to make a change, it can easily be done through the subconscious and brainwashing. (I'm just using Nazi as an example, but you never know ;))

    im going off topic....RON PAUL!
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  10. Ron Paul baby. Glad to see he has so much support.
  11. RON PAUL 2008!!!

    I actually cannot vote for him, though I would if I could.
  12. Ron Paul.

  13. My only problem with Ron Paul is his position on abortion/stem cell research. He wants to make it so that "killing" an embryo any time after conception is considered murder.

    I'd vote for Kucinich over Ron Paul though. I also support Obama, although I don't think he would end prohibition, other than legalizing medical use.

    Kucinich > Paul > Obama in my opinion.
  14. If I could vote it would be for Mike Gravel.

    (Caught an F in my teenage years, no voting for me :()
  15. Ron Paul. He is a man that holds the Constitution up
  16. I don't think I'll be able to vote for a republican after all this shit I've seen on CNN about a draft and going full forces on Iran. Bush is a selfish war machine. Nothing more than that. I think theres a lot of more important issues than drug legality. If I'm over fighting in Iran and have foreign people shooting at me with ak-47s I'm not going to be thinking about what strain of pot i want to buy next.
  17. The election is a year away. There is still a lot of shit to happen in the world and in our country. Let's see what's happens before committing to someone a year ahead of time.

    Remember Howard Dean?

    -- smoking_poke :smoke:

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