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Who are the type of people you like to smoke with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AbeLincoln2, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. I like all sorts of people. I just don't like the people who get all worried about stuff. What about you guys?
  2. I smoke with a variety of people. The only people i don't like are people who are just plain obnoxious or act incredibly dumb when their high. Its just weed, hold yourself together man.
  3. Depends. If i'm feeling chill i like to smoke with people who like to chill. Just kick back. Have a beer or two. Play some games. Watch a movie. Mac some bitches. You know.

    But if i feel like partying then i like to hangout with like the loud mouths and the drinkers. But they usually annoy me after a short amount of time so i stick with my chill peeps.

    Anyone else is cool. I just don't like people who like get super quiet and don't have fun. And people who are "gangster" and always wanna go rob someone. Or go fight. Or just do dumb stuff. Cuz i just feel like knocking them out as soon as they say something stupid to me.
  4. Anyone that doesn't kill the mood by freaking the fuck out or debbie downers.
  5. People who can make me laugh. I smoke weed to find some humor in life, so having a comedian with me helps.
  6. People who are chill.

    I like to consider myself as a chill person, so when some loudass comes in and ruins everything by talking non stop or blasting music that isn't good.. It irritates me. Id rather just get baked out of my mind, have a nice convo and play video games or chill in nature.
  7. Smoke with all sorts of ppl i went to high school with. Its a great way to keep in tuch :) lol And anyone that likes to sesh alot and isnt a buzz kill
  8. I love lightin' up with my buds that I've known for fucking ever:smoke:
    But in general, I like chill folks who I can have discussions with, be it over music, philosophy, whatever's going on, or just how good the bud is ;) But sometimes it's fun to go out and be energetic too. Just nothing stupid..
  9. Like minded individuals. If your obnoxious or loud you can fuggoff
  10. Well I usually hate people who act like its LSD or some shit. So if they are like that, I won't smoke with em. Besides that, if you're funny, have good convos, and enjoy quality munchies, you're okay with me
  11. The kinds that sex with you while you're smoking
  12. Pretty much people who are chill and know how to have a good time. Nothing pisses me off more than "that guy" who always gets pissed off and angry when he smokes.
  13. Hoochin up with some people who dont smoke often at all is the best. Always weary at first but as soon as the sensi burns they give you the funniest look in the world. Priceless.
  14. I will smoke with anyone that's down for a puff. Everyone deserves a puff when they need it.
  15. Chill people who aren't obnoxiousness.
  16. anyone and everybody man!! i dont discriminate :smoke:
  17. Quiet people, I don't mean people who don't talk at all, but who don't run their mouths needlessly. I grow very quiet when stoned, and I enjoy calm meaningful conversation or just music. I also like people who do stuff when they're stoned, like go for walks or chill at the beach.
  18. As vague as this is I'd say "cultured".

    I can't be on that "I'm so fucking high, man!" conversation all damn night.

    Someone who's interested in different things. Sometimes I like monging the fuck out and watching dumb shows but sometimes I want to watch documentaries and shit.

    Which reminds me, anyone high right now who enjoys wildlife docs should watch "Titus the Gorilla King". It's nuts.
  19. [quote name='"BuddhistBrian"']I will smoke with anyone that's down for a puff. Everyone deserves a puff when they need it.[/quote]


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