Who and Why do you thing George Bush is a Dumbass?

Discussion in 'General' started by b14z3d, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. i cant stand bush, hes still losing the war on drugs even tho were fighting him while really fucked up!
  2. He does suck, but come on, we elected him.

    Also, hes not the king of the country. We're all quick to claim its bush's fault, but there are 235 elected members of congress that have to vote yes or no before any of bush's bills go into effect. We have checks and balances so even if the president sucks, we still have hope.

    So dont blame everything on bush. This is a representative government. I blame the society that voted him in power.

    EDIT: And another thing... If you want to win the war on drugs, DO something. Dont expect someone else to risk beign thrown in jail. If you hate feeling like a shadeball every time you buy weed or every time you fire one up, DO something. Norml has chapters in every state. Decriminalization should not be the goal. Legalization. Its our freedom to choose. Not Henry Anslinger's.
  3. you prolly should check your spelling before you go around calling people dumbasses.

    the thread title is all fucked up.

    Edit: Pluse rep to alpha for hitting the nail on the head
  4. noo.. we didnt elect him...half of the fuckin idiots in this country did...comon honestly...Al Gore shuld be this country's president... sure he looks lifeless and sounds boring..but the guys a genious...bush on the other hand..good god 1st off, he didnt even win the election in 2000, brother Jeb in Florida helped em out, and if you notice where all the Red states are in this country, its the states with the Least intelligence and in the south (its true honestly so dont start yellin at me if u think im makin fun of any1) he's made too many mistakes after another and was evened warned bout 9/11 and future attacks but did nothing... Congress isn't too smart as well for going to war that we shuldnt even be in.. but hey..... wtf am i gonna do...im just a stoner in a small democratic state... bahh
  5. uh, we arent a democracy, i might offer.
  6. Al Gore is not a genious. He has claimed to have invented the internet. Thats pretty shady in my book. All I know is that George Bush will not serve another term and then we can see if someone else can step up to the plate. Maybee being president isnt as easy as we all think it is.

    You cant please everyone.
  7. do you think some one else could be doin a better job

    we can not fight a war on drugs thers are to many people make too much money from them alot of drugs come from outside the country there is no way to stop it from comeing in

    think about how much money is being made off weed alone it takes one seed 3 to 4 months to produce any ounce of two whice people pay 20 bucks a gram for

    who is really going to want to stop makein money supply and demand
  8. First we have computer programmer Clinton Curtis testifying that Congressman Tom Feeney hired him to prepare vote-rigging software. 12 Minutes
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  9. ^^ Wheres that from?
  10. I got it through a bulletin on myspace.
  11. Because he killed thousands on sept. 11 on purpose. loosechange911 anyone?

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