who all grow with mars hydro or hps n hid?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pitbulljd900, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. if you grow with mars hydro led.
    please post and tell us how much yields you got of it.

  2. I ran a mars 700 and pulled 4zips and 3zips my first run off 2 sweet tooth autos

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  3. I use a 400w HPS. I got the ballast, reflector and bulb for $95 from iPower.
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  4. Bomb Seeds Cherry Bomb(autoflower) grown in 3.5 gallon bubble bucket with a MarsHydro 300w old model(180w) yield was 225grams dry(7.95oz).
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  5. how many plant was that?
  6. how many seeds
  7. Did you top that? Looks like a lot of fat colas. Very Nice! I'm tempted to pick up some Cherry Bomb auto seeds now.
  8. No the Cherry Bomb(that is a single plant in that bucket) was not topped in any way. she was 22"+ tall and just about 3 feet wide. Grown on a 24/0 light schedule for all but the last couple of weeks of the grow and then turned down to 20/4. Chopped 71 days from sprout.

    Here is my first DWC plant, a Mephisto Genetics Sour Crack. Also with the MarsHydro300w old model. Again this is a single plant yield was 1,030grams wet and 190 grams dry.

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  9. you did 24 hours on for 2 months to 3 months
  10. I use a few Mars hydro reflector 192 LED lights. I average 3-4oz per plant if I ignore them (about 5-6 months from cloning to harvest. I'd get more but I have only been vegging for about a month before flowering. With my new setup I'll be able to beg for 2-4 months and start flowering monsters.

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  11. Hey pit. Don't know if you saw it on the Mars thread but I pulled 224 g off a MarsII 400w, probly not typical but crushed it all the same, first indoor grow too.
    I am currently using a 600w hid with the Mars 300 and Mars II 400 and will be lucky if I pull those numbers again even with all that light, it was beginners luck I geuss
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  12. This makes me so excited. I'm doing my first grow with the Mars 300 led. I'm a week into flowering and the plant is exploding with growth.

    I'm expecting 1-2oz (based off nothing really) but that is shooting low to not be super sad after waiting so long. Maybe 3 or 4 is more realistic.

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  13. Sup slim, I scored a brand new Mars 300w a while back, mine is old stock, three fan,3w chips, bright!!! 180w at the wall. Thing is a beast, awsome light, the one you have is even better, they recently put 5w chips in the new ones and upgraded the fans, I love mine though, happy growing
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  14. i did see that nice bru thank for information
  15. you got pics of your plants?
  16. Current grow pics of mine can be found a few pages back in the vault comparative grow thread and a few pages back in the Mars hydro thread, those are from a week ago, I do not keep a journal on line right now
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  17. Galaxy hydro 600 watt. Have not harvested but it's got nice fat buds. I will be harvesting in a week or 2.


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