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Who actually thinks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SiicKxShoTz, Jun 23, 2013.

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          Who actually thinks that smoking marijuana does not cause health problems, like cancer and emphysema? People repeat the same myth "there have never been any deaths from smoking marijuana," and "There is not one reported case of cancer from smoking marijuana." I don't think either of those are true. I know how much marijuana can make the heart race so I am almost positive that someone at sometime has had a heart attack and died from the heart elevation of weed. As for the cancer, maybe there is no recorded case of cancer from weed, which is highly unlikely, but marijuana contains carcinogens like anything else and obviously can cause negative health effects, which I'm sure it does. Smoking marijuana does not cure cancer or destroy tumor cells. The only thing that has shown evidence of this is hemp oil, which does not contain significant amounts of THC.
           I read some posts on this site and it seems some people really think that smoking cannabis is completely fine and will never have any negative health effects on anyone ever, which is just off the wall thinking. Yes there is vaporizing yes there is eating, as well as different topical ways to use cannabis, all better alternatives to smoking. I personally feel like smoking cannabis is less damaging than smoking cigarettes, but am curious to know other peoples thoughts on the effects of smoking weed.

  2. All I have to say is if weed has harmful effects on my body and is "causing disease", I sure as hell can't tell and that's fine by me
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    yes man, smoking is bad lol. cmon are you serious? SMOKE IS BAD FOR YOU. No one ever said it wasn't and if they did then they lied or are misinformed or dumb idk which one.
  4. That's good. Life is not for worrying.
  5. Lol you'd be suprised at some of the posts I have read here and elsewhere if you haven't already seen some people. It's hard to tell if they are trolling or being legitly... not smart.
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    Well some people just wanna be wrong. they don't care about the truth. they just wanna believe what they want to be true.
  7. Seriously, have y'all never seen any of Granny's posts? Or read her list?
  8. fuck man, wireless internet is harmful, shit the fumes off the gas/diesel we put in our vehicals is harmful, the stress from life and bills is harmful, vape, blunt,joint,bong, or eat it idc take it in and put it the air with out a care,
  9. I honestly don't think smoking pot has a large impact. I have a feeling it may with long term chronic use, like maybe 15 years down the line.
    More or less, I see myself vaporizing before I ever am impacted very much. For now I'm young... bong! Hey, I'm only smoking a couple bowls a day.

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