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  1. i recently purchased a whizzinator and it comes with heat pads to keep the pee warm. the only problem is that the lettering on the heat pad is in chinese and i cant figure out how to activate it. does anyone here have a whizzinator of there own and know how to activate the pads?
  2. a whizzinator??
    Why is it chinese? No english translations?

    lol, did you search google?
  3. awesine you got the whizzinator!
  4. Lol, I love america for this.
  5. Haha you actually got one? you're my hero

  6. Sorry to burst you bubble but america doesn't exist. It's a concept which has no meaning other than an idea in the mind to describe individual things. About the whizzinator, it's cool that people you have that in tight circumstances, but don't forget the individuals who are already in prison, probably getting raped. Let's oppose violence either way bye using rational arguments, based around morality and the scientific method. Individuals can only be moral, not institutions.

  7. Oh come one. I'm all about the expansion of the mind and seeing things like they are but this is just rediculous. First, using this logic, my computer doesn't "exist" and my mountain dew dousn't "exist." They are just ideas that describe the things on my desk. Nothing can have a name? Well goodbye language.... Sorry, no.

    Second, America very much exists. Borders are not physical no, but they are there, by the collective decision of most of the world. That makes it real. Try flying from the Netherlands to America with a pound of weed and see if you don't find out those borders exist. If you really want to expand your mind and see things as they are, learn to see beyond the physical. Some things do not exist in the physical world but are very much real, as made so by extenuating circumstance, in this case the human social structure.

    Just which LEFT FEILD are you coming out of anyway? Not that I disagree or anything, but WTF?

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