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Whizzinator Touch Heating Pads And Synth Urine?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Almores, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. So hey, I've got a drug test on thursday with LabCorp for a job with Best Buy. Sounds great and all, and I've prepared as much as any stoner would.
    That said, I'm so far 1 day clean, and I recently purchased myself a Whizzinator Touch kit for the test. This post is really broken down into two parts.
    1. Do the heating pads included in the set heat the urine to the temperature needed for the drug test? I wouldn't want to go in with urine that's 100 degrees, since then the most likely scenario would be a supervised test and as realistic as the Whizzinator penis looks, I doubt it would hold up to scrutiny. Of course I'm taking steps to dilute and mask my own urine in case of that.
    2. I've heard that sometimes people who use synth urine will be failed because they were able to tell if it's fake or real. Anyone who knows whether this is true or not?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Bump with new information:
    So I decided to test out the heating pad on the whizzinator. They're the Kincho sticky heating pad things, and I had already tested how well the whizz works in terms of urinating and all that. Now I'm testing the heat pads.
    After filling with water around 94 degrees, I opened the heating pad and slapped the sticky end onto the plastic bag. I'm not sure how much heat it's supposed to give off but..
    There's really no change here. I see it at 90 degrees now leaning towards 92 (the urine bag on whizz has a temp strip on it, which is great.)
    So yeah, if the heating pads they sent me are a dud (which i hope to god they'er not) what heating pads would you recommend I use for whizzinator?
  3. Me again, with more information I guess.
    So yeah, the hand warmers are a dud in the whizzinator kit. I've currently called Home depot and Lowes and CVS and they do not sell hand or toe warmers (It's summer, go figure..) So if anyone knows of a possible solution, or even a better way to do this because if I can't get those warmers I can't use the whizzinator. Any help as said before would be hugely appreciated!
  4. Not sure because I wanted to try for myself, but did you warm up the water/urine before you ut it in the pouch,
    Try that then put the heater on to keep the liquid warm.
    Update if you can try, as if it does or doesn't work,
  5. I've never used them before, but I don't think the hand warmers/heat pads are supposed to get the urine all the way up to 98 degrees.  I think you're supposed to heat it up beforehand, then use the heat warmers to keep it warm.
  6. what i did for my test a week ago, i heated up my fake by running hot water around the bottle. then, when i got to the place, put the heat on the car all the way up and stuck it on the vents till it hit 100*. went in to the place with the bag of piss strapped between my legs. it cooled down to 96* when the nurse recorded the sample temp. still waiting to see if i passed, but it was able to go through past the initial screening.

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