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Whizzinator and synthetic urine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MMMpatient, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, just got done with a job interview this yesterday and I got the job! During the interview I was told that I would most likely be drug tested, FUCK!
    Well, I just bought the whizzinator and got the 2 day shipping option, so it should be here tomorrow or Wednesday.

    How does the synthetic urine that comes with the whizzinator work? I can try to scrounge up some clean urine, but I would much rather not (kind of degrading for an adult male). Does anyone have experience with this? The lab I am going through is LabCorp.

    I have done countless google searches and I think I have lurked at least 10 forums looking at information, however I know that drug tests do change and improve to discourage the use of synthetic urine so I wanted some more recent information.

    Any input/experience/words of encouragement would be appreciated!! This is a dream job for me and I really don't want to fuck it up.
  2. I had a friend that used one. worked out great. just be carfule and follow all the instructions to make sure the urine stays at the proper temp while you got the appatatus attached
  3. Maybe you should stop usage for a little while, weed shouldn't be your priority in life. It was for a while for me, and I actually quit today in order to pursue a career.
  4. Im hoping you get this job bro. Be praying for you.
  5. See, I did this a month or so ago for another job I didn't get, but this job came up literally out of nowhere so I had no time to prepare.

    It might just be my perception, but I just feel like you are trying to lecture me. I am not a lazy stoner nor does weed negatively affect my life. I am a registered medical patient with a legitimate medical condition, college degree and a pretty stacked resume.

  6. if ur a medical patient cant you explain to your boss why you need it...
  7. Nah, unfortunately it does not matter, especially with the relative pay grade this job is in.

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