Whizz Kit

Discussion in 'General' started by Joe198656, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone, I have a DT in about 2 weeks and I’m not gonna pass as I’ve been smoking multiple times a day everyday for over 6 months.

    I got the whizz kit a couple days ago and it looks pretty simple, my only question really is how does the temperature reader work on the belt? It states that it should turn green, but I’m confused as to which part. Do the numbers highlight green as the temperature continues to increase?

    For example, at 96 degrees, the 96 on the strip would turn green, correct? If anyone has a picture showing this, it’d be great. I’m using a friend’s clean urine so I just really need it to want to be sure it’ll read the correct temperature. Thank you!
  2. You can use an MRE heater for that...Certain to be over the correct temperature in a matter of minutes.:coolalt:

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