Whiz quiz, am I screwed?

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, May 17, 2003.

  1. Well, yesterday at work in the middle of the busiest day we had yet my name came up in the hat for a random whiz quiz. I had like an hour to run down to the lab and squirt.

    I haven't been tokin' heavily lately since i'va been low on bud and conserving, maybe i smoked a couple grams over the last week and a half. I didn't have any cash so i couldn't stop at GNC and get my usual "supplies" so i did the only thin gi could think of. No less than 5 mins after they told me i drank an entire gallon of water in a matter of 5 mminutes or so, i kept pissing till it came out clear, and basically flushed myself out like an overfertilized plant. I had alrady pissed out the real dirty stuff in the morning but i wasa bit dehydrated so it was hard to "produce" but when i finally did, i had the gallon of water already beggin' to come out. Previously i had stopped at a bathroom on the way and made myself piss as much as possible, i didn't get much but the little i got came out clear. I prolly drank another 1/2 gallon of water in the waiting room (i could see the water cooler go way down) and when i did finally go i produced a near crystal clear stream, i took a bit over an oz from midstream and it was clear. It had a very little bit of tint to it but only if you really looked at it otherwise it looked like water (the water around here isn't the cleanest anyways and looks kinda funky when it comes out, and the only water i had to drink was "contaminated" with a bit of citrus punch).

    So, what do you think? do i have a chance? If not, can i defend myself with a false negative? They know i'm a biker nut and try to stay healthy, i was thinking of pulling a "duuuh, shit! the energy bars i eat while i ride are made with hempseed, didn't realize" or "the herbal suppliments i take have what's listed as "proprietary ingredients" which could try and explain could contain hemp oil.

    What else? I'm fairly sure i flushed enough in such little tome that i got a false negative, but if not, i think they will only find trace amounts which may look like a false positive. How can i "prove" it was a false positiive?

    Anyways, send some "negative result karma" my way and hopefully i won't hear about this for another year (and next week i'm gonna buy some one hour clear stuff which has been successful in the past and stash it in my car)

    Oh yeah, this is a non DOT test so thry don't look at these like they do others, no GC, just a test to see if the metabolites are there.

    Thanks for any help

  2. I think it should prolly come out negative if you drank that much. The thing you may have to worry about is if they decide that the urine has been diluted (through your drinking so much) and make you do it again. If they ask say that you drink a lot of water because it's good for you and keeps you healthy. Plus it gives you something to sweat off while biking. Don't smoke for a few days b/c they may ask you to do it again. If you want to drink a lot before a test again make sure you have vitamins and things to take a few hours before if possible. Good luck with it.
  3. my friend had to piss for a job once and he did the same as you, by drinking gallons of water.

    what happened to him was his piss came out 100% H2O!!!

    not a bit of urine!.. the doc said that was unusual and he should make him retest but he just let him pass.. he got the job :)
  4. no i think you will be fine.
  5. good luck man, im sure ya will be fine (lol when i was typing this i said "good lick" hehe :D)
  6. I think i'll be okay also, i just wanted to hear some opinion on it, i've seen people with less chance passing somehow, but i think it'll be ok. Eve if not, it may just be trace amounts, which i will deny and challenge the accuracy of the test. If they make me piss again i'll be all set.

    I think i got as good shot tho at disputing the accuracy of the test tho because i am pretty much an outstanding employee. When it comes to what i do, i kick ass above and beyond, if there was an employee of the month award i'd prolly win it every month, and i am the most knowledgeable, experienced, and capable service tech anybody's ever seen in my field. My first week on the job they put me in charge of trianing and operations because i know more than my bosses (all of them combined, my coworkers, and most everyone i deal with) about the ops and the equipment, and as it stands i almost didn't get hired because i was "overqualified"

    If they fire me they're gonna be losing someone who can singlehandedly run an operation that takes 2-3 normal humans, and we're in a position right now where my skills are crucial. I did the better part of $25,000 of sales yesterday and all my customers tell me straight out they wish i could work everyday so they can deal with me all the time.

    I pissed pretty clear, i got a good flush, and the water i stated with looked like piss to start, and was contiaminted with orange drink, and whatever else is in the not-so-clean tap water here. I had to drink the whole gallon in minutes, it was almost steaming hot cause it was in the sun for half the day in my closed car in the desert, that was some nasty jizzle to chug down while i was driving to the test lab. If they need me to piss again i'll be all set, i'm gonna keep drinkin' extra water and i'm gonna pick up a cleanser this week (which coincidentally i planned to do even before my piss test, i decided i needed to keep a kit on hand the night before, and planned to buy one this coming friday anyway) Also, coincidentally, the night before i drank like 1/2 gallon or better of water.

    I guess i'll find out when i come to work friday.

  7. Yeah Zia, i can drink some water, sometimes after biking hard in the desert i'll drink a gallon in about 10 mins, but as soon as i got in my car i picked up a gallon and downed half of it, then i drained the rest by 1 mile away and then started sipping on another gallon. haha!

    When i got there i ws on time for my "appointment" but i told 'em i didn't have to go, i tried, they said i took too long, then told me to come out and wait. "drink some water" they said, so i stood at the water cooler in the waiting room and drank water as fast as i could load those little paper cone things. When i finally felt my teeth floatin' i went in and tested, as i said, clear liquid with a very slight tint, and midstream.

    It didn't hurt but for the rest of the day i was pissin' all kinds. I was RUNNING to the bathroom once every 5-15 mins and by then i was pissin' crystal clear, and it pissed (no pun intended) me off because by then i was guaranteed to be pissing clean.
  8. Once my friends and I had a water contest at school. We took about an hour to drink a gallon of water and then saw who could hold it the longest. All of my pussy friends were out 45 after finishing the water. I held it for another 45 just to prove my superiority. Then I woke up like 8 times that night to pee.
  9. Recently I had to take a piss test as part of the hiring process for a non-DOT job. I had about a week to "dry out" as it were but my problem was that I had been unemployed for quite awhile and had been an everyday smoker for... I don't know... six months. Just waiting the week out clean wasn't going to do it.

    So, I checked out all info on the web and bought tests to try things out before the real thing. Drinking gallons of water and taking vitamin B12 and Niacin (also a B vitamin) did not make me test negative, though the B does make diluted urine quite yellow and might be enough for the casual smoker. The only thing that made me test negative was B12/Niacin for three days and then.... four asprin several hours before I ran the test. The next day without the B or asprin I tested positive.

    In the end I couldn't risk the positive and went with the subtitution method... Test tube full of my roomate's urine in place of a tampon (so as to be the correct temperature). As far as urine smuggling women do have the advantage! (and they did measure temp BTW....)

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