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whiteys and how to prevent them

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by teenstonner, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. [quote name="teenstonner" post="20941117" timestamp="1416261071"]

    A whitey where I come from is when you go all white dizzy, light head and throw up a white thick substance and feel out of it completly ans I brought an 8th yester day and put about 10 quids worth of weed in an L skin zoot 3 of us passing it and I had 7 dp per 3 rounds then whiteyed like unbelievably badly 7 times! So how was your firat whitey and do you prevent it?
  2. Yes, very cool.
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    Wait how did you get so many dp with only 3 rounds?
  4. fragment city
  5. No idea what the hell OP is trying to say but I found if you eat and hydrate that prevents most whiteys. If you still whitey then that means you're smoking too much
  6. Wait. So you understand what a whitey is?
  7. That's about all I got from the OP

    Still don't nnow what a quid, L or skin zoot is
  8. quid is money kinda like the way the yanks say bucks, L skin is a slightly longer than normal skin made by sticking 2 skins together in an L for zoot ...I have no clue haha  :smoke:

    It really comes down to the more you smoke the less often you'll go white, I used to go white if I smoke a shit load now i can blow through a half oz and still not get sick, hope this helps mate :) 
  9. I'm English and i've heard my brother use the word 'Zoot' as another word for a joint. 
    I'm assuming this guy is from the UK as quid is a uk thing, it means a pound (Like you'd say a buck meaning a dollar if you are american)

    I think zoot is definitely something younger people/teens say though, my friends smoked it all through my teenage years and i never heard it until my brother came out with it and he's a couple years younger than me.
  10. Never done this. And when I first started smoking I always tried to get to high
  11. ive heard 'zooted' referred to be high on an unmentionable although I use the term for herb aswell
    That's what people say in America for the people that do know what it is.

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