whitehead or what

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  1. I got this whitehead pimple on my lip and i tried to pop it gently and it made the surrounding tissue red and it almost looks like a cold sore but its no where near as agressive as a cold sore.

    Im in my 20's so acne isnt an issue for me
    do people ever get this or is this some type of mutated form of a H sore
  2. how you know though
    its like a pimple not a blister
  3. you realize you can still get a pimple when you are 20 right?

    if not a pimple what else?

  4. On your lip or inside your lip? I stopped breaking out around 19 and started up a year or so again (24 now).
  5. You just popped it too early...it'll go away.
  6. is it on the lip or right at the edge?

    if it doesnt look like a blister and if it "comes to a head" then its a pimple.. dont trip
  7. its prolly just a little zit. Give it a week. If it doesnt get better, go see a doctor. It might be herpies. lol
  8. i was looking forward to a picture, oddly enough.

    but there was no such picture :mad:
  9. You are obviously scared you have herpes or something. Why not see a doctor instead of asking a stoner forum for medical advice?
  10. Im not scared I have herpes or the possibillity of having it
    Just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this
  11. :laughing: dont lie.. you were scared of bein burnt..

    of course weve experienced pimples
  12. They got this girl I work with who I noticed has it not severe or anything
    Im scared to get burnt like that but if I have it and it shows up like this then that means it would most likely always show up like this
    I kinda have some feelings for her so if I had it it wouldnt be the end of the world for me
  13. I tried to take a pic and the whitehead dont show up just the red inflamed area and if pic were to go by the pic id say herps
    I go look in the mirror and see the single white head and would say pimple
  14. picture picture pictrue !!
  15. Its herpes, you will be dead soon dont worry.
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    Dude it sounds like an ulcer to me. Try putting some salt straight on it. That'll disinfect it then get some bonjella cream and it should go away in a few days.

    They come as a result of bad diet, same with tongue pimples. Edit: Should probably add some more reasons, stress is a major one too, as well as biting the inside of your mouth or lip.

    They look between a whitehead pimple and a cold sore. Basically a cold sore with a white peak and red around the edges into the lip. They sting if you put salt on them and then eventually feel better. If you reintroduce sugar into your diet they'll sting again and then go back to not stinging. But don't leave them on their own if you have sugar, you'll need to put salt and the cream back on them again.
  17. I get small pimples on the rim of my lips often. Sometimes they are deeper down an cause just a red bump which is painful an unpopable. Just give it time, you know you should pop a pimple right?
  18. you can get pimples at any time in your life. don't pop them
  19. I think it was due to flossing
    its gone

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