white/yellow leafs from 5 female plants

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  1. I doubt this is why they are called white widow!!!! But mine are acually getting those white leafs at the bottom... funny thing is that my male plant that I just threwed away hade nice green leafs and where bushy with lots of secondary (bud-shot-sites) internodes. I have a 600w Hps and I have 3 fans it's 81 degres farenheit they are 5 weeks old and 3 days into flowering. 3 where males and 5 is females.. think 3 of the females are white widow and 2 of them are bagseeds (5 females al2get.) The HPS is 2 feet away [24ich] from the top of the plants!! that not close because I have a aprox: 25 ich faan dirrect onto the lightbulb. I have these PH-papers that will change collor if diped in some acid/adic water or so.. mine results are betwen 6-7 in PH. I do water them every second day. and have just intreduced them to my formulex nutrients! 1/4 of streangth... but they where Like white before that my female ww. what could it be?? Please help!! Its starting to be anoing to have all leaf-pairs from bottom and upwards falling of plants!!
  2. Check the leaves that are turning white and dying off- are there little bugs on the undersides of the leaves? Anytime I've had the smallest, lower leaves turn white and die off is when I was infested with thrips. They are hard to notice unless you are really looking, but they always attack the lower/weaker growth first- at least for me they do. If you look closely at the leaves you should be able to see little specs shaped like a grain of rice. The larvae will be a translucent color while the adults darken to a brown/black color.

    If this is your problem get a can of Pyrethiens TR (its a 2 oz pesticide bomb) and set it off in your grow room with all the ventilation shut off. Let is stand for at least 30 minutes, 2-3 hours preferably before airing out the room. Repeat every 2 weeks until all are gone. You will have to bomb the room at least twice to interrupt the thrip life cycle.

    If thrips aren't your problem then at least you have advise for the future.
  3. hi, newguy440, no it wasen't that problem. I did not notice any of those crabbs" that you mention! The problem I have is something else, that shows on the leaves... they are turning yellow from the bottom pairs then when they die and fall of next pair from bottom of plant starts to die and so on.... guess it'will happen to the whole plant eventually! :( ... Have read here on GC, did se some diagrams and so on.. Might think I have a defency of [ K ] in the plants....? please tell me some one
  4. Dont know what the problem is realy.. but ill keep on pumping these crops upp with more ferts (in proper maner ofc. ) guessing from the charts and so on that it must be the K def. or its some of the others.. doesnt matter ill fix it :) Ill hope ? Or perhaps it's to mutch watering on them from the start.. Ill need to think a bit moore.. unless they'll go and die on me (õO.) huhhh //ClubCueCas

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