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White worm with black head? in my seedlings - Rockwool cubes

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mjboy, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. i am growing in rock wool cubes and today when i was checking my ph i noticed a little white worm on the base of my stalk.

    the worm i found have a black dot on the head and seems to be right next the seeds/seedlings. I'm not sure exactly what they are since ive never seen them before.

    i cant find anything about worms in the forums. Some stuff gives incorrect info. looking for serious help.
  2. ok whats the best way to kill em?
  3. id say let them dry out and die.. flaxseed oil might be an option, i just dont know if it will damage the plant.. maybe try dont bug me by fox farm?
    hope you get your problem solved
  4. kill it with your fingers.
  5. Ew wtf! i looked at those google images you linked. wtf is with those fly larvae growing in nipples!!
    ahh im gonna be sick
  6. haha wtf.. i swear those wernt there when i posted that link
    seriously.. :eek:
  7. What you speak of are fungus gnat larvie. the love wet and warm places. you can buy some type of insceticide or put a slice of potato by therockwool they will go and feed upon it then just throw out the potato when they nestle in it. get some sticky fly paper to kill the adults and try to let your rockwool dry out a little so they die. you can also but some red wine or beer in a shallow cup. they will be attracted to the fermentation. hope that helps. :smoking:
  8. it sure does and next time i have that issue ill do just that. what i did was take the seedling out of the infested rockwool and replant it in a good one. No shock or anything and its doing great. i had to kill 2 plants (SSH) though since the roots were already eaten. sucked and it hurt.

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